Hare Krishna, Prabhuji/Mataji. 



What should be the daily Vaishnava routine for A devotee and How can we can attain in perfection,even working in this Material World,in the form of Office,Business or any sought of activity. 

How we can gradually and slowly attain perfection in this current Human body....we can think of Krishna and Also do our Material Jobs etc perfectly. Hare Krishna

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


    Daily routine of vaishnava - get up in the morning (by 4.00 am), take bath, do mangalarati. Chant 16 rounds of mahamantra attentively. Watch/ do darshan arati. Hear SB lecture (we do on Mayapur tv).Go to work after honoring prasadam. Carry lunch prasadam with you. If possible, read/ discuss Gita or Bhagawatam in office during lunch hours (finish lunch in 10 min and use the rest of the time productively).

    Evening return, take bath and do sandhya arati. Then watch youtube videos/ read SB/ CC or any other such book. Take rest early.

    Weekends and festivals visit temple for darshan and hearing lecture. Take up some service and do diligently.


    Your servant

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thankyou and Hare Krisshna Mataji, for your beautiful reply on vaishnava sadachar....I will be thankful to you 

      Hare Krishna

  • I recall "that nervous lusty agitated mind is easaly lost as well as it's Valued recall/memory/faith /awairness of God's ambitions ?
    We didn't come hear to "(Make it Big)
    Getting back homeKto Krishna can'
    After all,be acomplished with somethng as uncomplacated as moderating a modest life & style! ?
    I beleave Vishnu is' the beginning & the end the origin of OM & it's Home
    • Hare Krishna Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa  Prabhuji, Beautiful reply and looks Like your guidance will help alot of people of this world....Hare Krishna....

  • It's true acording to Krishna's servents " Vishnu-which indicprese the absolute allpoweTaoi, highly intelagent presence of Rama who is also Identically God . is the best teacher further if we Submit to the other Avatars The education of the mind through (direct expereince is)
    Ineffective enenefishe and (a waist of intelligence Krishna is the most SatvicNarrion because He has no limatations of absolutely/ strect [parameters] morally that He is afread to (reproch)-on His Devotees behalh.
    As from a Taoist's View, as our breath is tied to the univerce & our expereince of our provadence, in the same-way Krishna is indwelling in all ?
  • Ji
    Nahmiscar Gee
    That sounds like fulfillment
    emotionally anyHow. Thank you
    for ur- perfect answer to a perfect question!
    As U say' Quickly Submitting to the truth thst a (Satvic constitution) is 1st.priority in educating the (conditioned mind's atachments & fears that the GodHead is someplace ealce & not hear, is to comon!
    Thank you both.
  • Hare Krishna, Prabbhuji, So beautiful information about daily routine of Vaishnava Life.....Nicely described.....thank you so much for your time taking to explain me on this....I am greatful to get Bhakta sanga.

  • Those who intensively think on Lord, very quickly renounce all material associations, family attachment,  loosing a desire for sense gratification and economic progress,....The virus of transcendentality is very powerfull, ones infected, one look  like a mad or ghost hunted in the eyes of the people. Thats fast spiritual progress.


    Chanting 16 rounds, following 4 religious principles, adoring deities, association with vaishnavas, following Guru instructions, some service in the temple, sundayfeast,..as well as doing your job.

    Thats gradual spiritual process.

    • Hare Krishna, Thankyou So much for your brief information in difference between fast and slow progress towards Lord Krishna bhakti.....

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