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All gloris to Srila Prabhupada !!

Srila prabhupada compares, this material world as a prison house in a city, so very small and insignificant infront of spiritual world.Even in Bhagavagita (10.42) Lord says ekäàçena sthito jagat.

Srimadbhagavatam and purusha sukta (Tripada srishti) says  this material world is 1/4th of the total exsistence.( How these two statements can be reconciled ?

Hare Krishna..

Your servant,

Mukunda Chaitanya

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  • Conditioned souls in material world are completely under control of the material nature, as the prisoners in the prison house are completely under control of their guards. Thats the meaning of Srila prabhupada statement.


    The difference between conditioned and liberated soul is only in consciousness, therefore by changing  consciousness soul become completely free.

    Actually, from the perspective of real Absolute truth, duality such as ''liberated and conditioned'' dont have any value, because jiva or transcendental soul is just observer in material body and  cant be touched by material nature, but because of the illusion identifies with body, body activities and things related to that. 

     As we all know that in size material creation is one fourth of spiritual one,............: 

    SB 2.6.20The spiritual world, which consists of three fourths of the Lord’s energy, is situated beyond this material world, and it is especially meant for those who will never be reborn. Others, who are attached to family life and who do not strictly follow celibacy vows, must live within the three material worlds.
    ...but rare of us realy know that the attraction and attachment to opposite sex is the base of the all illusion.


  • E-Counselor

    Bg 10.42

    atha vā bahunaitena
    kiṁ jñātena tavārjuna
    viṣṭabhyāham idaṁ kṛtsnam
    ekāṁśena sthito jagat
    Word for word: 
    atha  — or; bahunā — many; etena — by this kind; kim — what; jñātena — by knowing; tava — your; arjuna — O Arjuna; viṣṭabhya — pervading; aham — I; idam— this; kṛtsnam — entire; eka — by one; aṁśena — part; sthitaḥ — am situated;jagat — universe.
    But what need is there, Arjuna, for all this detailed knowledge? With a single fragment of Myself I pervade and support this entire universe.
    Here, in the word to word meanings, Krishna says "aham" means "I". So, according to the translation of this verse by H.D.G. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srilla Prabhupada, "With a single fragment of Myself I pervade and support this entire universe." What do you understand by this statement. Here, Krishna says,"He" pervades or enters in to all things in this material world as the Supersoul by His one part = ekamsena out of His partial expansions only. This is the meaning. This is nothing related to the shape or size or volume of this material world. Yes, according to Srimad Bhagavatam or Purusha Sukta mantra,this material creation is only one forth of Krishna's Spiritual world in volume or shape size only. Not in sense of His pervasiveness.
    So, please read Bhagavd-Gita scrutinizingly.
    Hope this will make you in clear understanding.
    Thank you
    Hare Krishna!
    • Hare Krishna prabhu,

      PAMHO !!

      All gloris to Srila Prabhupada !!

      Thanks for enlightening me. But my doubt is not fully cleared.

      How can we reconcile Srila prabhupada's comparison of this material world as a prison house in a city, when material creation is one forth of Krishna's Spiritual world in volume. May be, I am thinking too much...

      Your servant,

      Mukunda Chaitanya

      • E-Counselor

        Yes Mukunda Chaitanya Prabhu, this material world is just like a prison house where we the conditioned soul are imprisoned due to our rebellious nature against the Supremacy of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. In fact, we were originally associated with the Supreme Lord in Golakha Vrindavan. We were enjoying with the Supreme father through our devotional services. However, we misused our minute independence there. We became jealous or envy of the Supreme Lord's supremacy. We tried to enjoy ourselves separately  by forgetting our constitutional position. So, we lost our existence there and imprisoned here in this material world through so many conditions --so called family relations,friends,and relatives etc.

        "Krishna bhuliya jiva bhoga bancha kare,nikatastha maya tar jhapatiya dhare"

        When the living entities forget Krishna and try to enjoy separately, immediately the  illusion shackle him at his neck.

        So, in fact this material world is just like a prison house.In Bhagavad-
        Gita it is stated this material world is temporary  and full of misery. 

        "asaswatam dukhalayam...."

        Again, if you consider this whole universe is just like a big city,this material world is just a part of that which is like a prison house. In a government, if a citizen becomes out-law  or does some criminal activity, he is put in the prison house made by the Government. Similarly, the Supreme Lord by His Material Energy, He puts these rebellious living entities in the prison like material world.

        Hope by reading Prabhupada's book daily at least one page, your thinking power will be purified and lead you a speculation free life.


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