Proper Chanting

pls help me

main kabhi bhi chanting Regularly nahi kar pati .

Har Baar niyam  banati ho fir Toot jata hai 16-0 par AA jaati hoo. Aisa Kyo Ho raha hai.

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  • dont worry abour 16/day start chanting with the number of rounds you can devote to regularly with full concentration

    dont worry about attaining 16 rounds during Initial stages as a devotee.Uhave to gradually Increase the Rounds (Due to attraction for chanting) so that once u attain a level say 16 Rounds, it wasnt all in a Day it was from 4-6-8-10-12-14-16

    over a period of say 2 to 2& Half years. Then Chanting will be there as a part of your Life

    • Thanx Prabhuji

      Now I will do that  only this way only.

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