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Hare Krishna To All Devotees, 

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

I'm a novice in Krishna Consciousness and I was wondering about how and when do I know that I am progressing on the path of Krishna Consciousness. This is important for me to know as it will be a parameter that will decide my inspiration.



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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Information given by you is very much relevant to the query i had.  I did not know about the 5 levels you have discussed. Thank You very much for sharing : 

    I just tried, the 2nd link, will try loading it again at some time later as it gives error.

    All Obeisances to Prabhupadji and You!

    Hari Bol!

    Your Servant,


  • Dear Friend,  Hare Krishna,

    There are levels defined in ISKCON for devotees who are seeking to grow in a steady manner as you have indicated.

    This is called the Shiksha Program.  Also known as the Sacred Order of Shri Caitanya.  It is one of several core programs used in Home Programs (Bhakt Vriksha) and among Congregational programs throughout the Movement.

    The following levels of devotion are defined so that we who seek success may find it steadily.

    Shraddhavan devotee... (Full of Faith)

    1) Chants 1 - 3 rounds daily.

    2) May be a vegetarian

    3) Attends Sunday Feasts or has regular Temple visits. 

    Sevaka devotee.... (Service)

    1) Chants 4 - 7 rounds daily.

    2) MUST be Vegetarian. (but not to Vedic standards).

         [Refrains from Meat-eating]

    3) Attends Temple more regularly or

        reads books and studies Shri Krishna.

    4) Has basic altar at home.  But not required to serve  altar in strict ritual.

            (beginning to offer foodstuff to the Deities with simple prayer)

    5) Refrains from intoxicants

    6) Refrains from gambling. 

    Sadaka devotee.... (Devotion)

    1) Chants 8 - 12 rounds daily.

    2) More pure vegetarian (no fast foods, etc.)

    3) Has personal Temple schedule for attendance.

    4) Has more refined altar at home.

         Tries some sort of morning program.

         Offers worship of Deities in more ritual-form.

         Learning important offering prayers, etc 

    Prabhupada-Ashraya (Shelter)

    More chanting, refined eating, offering, attendance, devotion, etc.


    Shelter of ISKCON Guru, but not initiated. You are a Home-Bhakta or Temple-Bhakta (monk).

    I think you may seek out this program at your closest Temple or Home Program.

    I hope this is helpful in defining your current efforts and mood in devotion.

    Your servant, Rankin.


    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


      Dandavat Pranam

      Really glad to see your above reply. It has given a kind of standard to follow for someone new like me. Thank you very very much.

      Hare Krishna

      • Hare Krsna,

        Be Confident.  Be Steady.  Do not overreach.

        Stay within your level parameters until you are ready to advance. 

        Other parts of your devotional life will, of course, advance as you mature at whatever level you may choose to pursue, or whatever level at which you wish to remain.

        Good Luck and Many Blessings!

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