I have started to perform Mangalarti, Narasimha Arti, Tulasi Arti, Darsanarti and Guru Puja. We have a small center with few devotees. We have Gaura Nita deities.
I am performing this sewa since few days only. I was searching the process of performing this services.

how many times I've to blew conchshell for Mangalarti or Darsanarti or Guru Puja.

What is the process of offering flowers?
What are the steps of offerings like ghee lamp, cloth, bathing water, flowers etc.

Please provide me necessary guidelines in details. Thank You! Hare Krishna!!!

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    THere are youtube videos by the deity worship ministry in ISKCON. You could watch those. Search on HG Sheetalanand Prabhuji. To give you a quick reply, the way to do deity worship is :

    1) Bathe - wear fresh clothes (normally cotton or silk)

    2) Make the arati paraphernalia ready. Then open the altar curtain by blowing the conch. It could be once or thrice. Typically, I am blowing the conch once, that too very briefly before mangalarati so as to not disturb neighbours.

    Before the actual arati begins, pray to guru and Srila Prabhupada to enable you to do arati. The number of times we show each item will be given alongwith the items. Typically,

    on the feet, we do 4 circles, 

    on the waist - 2 circles

    on the face - 3 circles

    overall - full - 7 circles. This is circular movement, clockwise. 

    All the items to be offered from right hand. Left hand has to continously ring the bell.

    Each of the items have to be shown to guru, then SP, then the deities. We show them to guru and SP initially to take permission from them to offer these items to these personalities and then offer as their representative. 

    After we have shown to all the deities, then we show to sadgoswami, then guru parampara, then SP, then our guru. This has to be above the waist - once or thrice. This is for all the items. The count has to be uniform. 

    After showing all the gurus, then 3 times to the audience present before giving the item away of keeping it aside.

    3) Start with incense stick. Again odd number - 1 or 3 or 5 or 7. The count for incense stick is 4+2+7. Then mantra is esa dhoop

    4)  Next is camphor lamp. For those who do (not everyone shows camphor lamp).

    5) Next is ghee lamp - this is 5 wicks dipped in ghee. The count is 4+2+3+7. The mantra is esa deep.

    6) Next is water in a conchshell - the count is 7. the mantra is idam arghyam.

    7) Next is cloth. Typically it is folded into a triangle and help stylishly between the index and ring finger, the middle finger is on top of the cloth and the other 2 fingers under the cloth. The count is 7. The mantra is idam vastram.

    8) Next is flowers. This is kept on a small plate. The count is 7. The mantra is idani puspani.

    9) Next is chamar - whisk. As many times as comfortable - no count is mentioned.

    10) Next is Peacock feather fan. As many times as comfortable - no count is mentioned. 

    Then fold your hands and pray. Then again blow conch. Arrange the flowers in front of the deities. Sprinkle offered water on the audience. Typically, I pour the balance water in tulsi plant. 

    Then offer obeisances. 

    We keep the lights of the house off at the time of mangalarati. Only altar lights are on. It gives a very special Mayapur feeling.

    Then Nrisimha arati - sitting down and playing kartals.

    Then Tulsi puja.

    Then Shikshastakam, then 10 offences. 

    Then sit down and chant as many rounds as possible before beginning the morning rounds.

    Then darshan arati and guru puja at its time. Normally, we follow the local ISKCON temple. I have learnt by observing the aratis in the local temples where I have been. Festivals also, we try to replicate based on local temple.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD 

    • Humble Obeisance

      All Glories to Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Devotees 

      Radha Rasamayi Mataji! You have nicely explain the procedure of Lord Aarti, but I have to ask that during the aarti, can these aarti paraphernalia also be offered to demigods Like Ganpati, Shiva parvati Durga and Hanuman if they are in the same temple near altar etc 

      Can Ganpati be worshiped first as traditionally he is worshiped before starting anything auspicious.

      Please! Any Offence be forgiven.

      Your Servant

      Narayan Das

      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        I have heard from HG Jananivas Prabhuji in another instance, when one devotee family said their altar has Shivaling and they are not able to remove to respect the wishes of elders, prabhuji replied that in the house altar, it is possible to keep shivaling or photos of demigods, not in the temple altar.

        The rest of what I am writing is what I have understood - if for any reason we continue to have photos of demigods in our altar, it is only in the home altar that its possible. We should not disrespect demigods. We should first offer each of the items to Krsna and Vishnu Tattva, then the items can be offered to the other photos (at the same time, no need for separate arati). Demigods are also devotees of the lord, from that point of view, they way we offer to vaishnavas and guru parampara, we can offer to them also. 

        I would first offer to Krsna, then to Ganesh prabhuji. This is what I have understood.

        Just to give you a background, my mother's altar has all the photos of demigods and she refuses to remove, saying she has prayed to them all her life, cannot remove now. SOme very senior devotees had come home and I was showing them the altar very apologetically. Prabhuji was very very merciful and said what is there to be apologetic. DEmigods are also devotees of the lord - so what is the problem if you have a Ganesh, or a Hanuman picture in the altar. Be open, be polite, respect your mother's wishes and offer all the paraphernalia to everyone. Just be careful, under no circumstance, you should ask anything from the demigods. If the need arises and you have to ask, ask Krsna, no one else. That is what I follow everytime I go to my mother's house. 


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

        • I Got It Mataji. :) Thank you

          Hare Krishna, Radhay Radhay

      • @ Narayan Das,

        No Srila Prabhupada never mentioned such process. We are watering the root then why to water the leaves again.

        Since we worship Lord Narasimha dev and Ganpati is a greate devotee of Lord Narasimha dev so no need to worship Ganapati too.

        Hare Krishna!!! 

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    don't have much idea but you can see the book called "a beginner's guide to krishna conciousness" by bhakti vikasa swami ? these steps are explained in it ... or you can contact an iskcon temple ..?

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