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Hare Krishna dear devotees....this is an important question....When Krishna says to Arjuna to do his prescribed duties.....what does that means to us....How can we find our prescribed duty someone is engineer, doctor, cobbler, fisherman....does each and every work constitute one's prescribed duty....or does it refer only to varnashram how can we say that an engineer's duty of advancing technological items is his prescribed duties or a cricketer playing cricket is his prescribed duty bcoz cricket and technology are not mentioned in the scriptures...How can we see that what we do is in accordance with the scriptures don't talk about using is using laptop our prescribed duty??

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  • Hare Krsna Prabhu

    It is just terminology but we sometimes get stuck in terminology.

    Krsna says stick to your profession whatever it is.

    Varnasrama doesn't exist in its pure form now as we all know.

    So if you are an engineer then that is your profession and that is what Krsna means by your prescribed duty.

    But the other conditions are the same:

    Work without attachment.

    Karmayoga purifies the heart and a pure heart makes one eligible for Bhakti.

    However if you take up Bhakti directly then you gain more in all respects.

    • Regulative principles are for the devotee.
    • Prabhu..u said whatever it is....if that profession voilates the regulative principle??how should we see..plz elaborate

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    jīv jāgo, jīv jāgo, gauracānda bole
    kota nidrā jāo māyā-piśācīra kole


    bhajibo boliyā ese saḿsāra-bhitare
    bhuliyā rohile tumi avidyāra bhare


    tomāre loite āmi hoinu avatāra
    āmi binā bandhu āra ke āche tomāra

    enechi auṣadhi māyā nāśibāro lāgi'
    hari-nāma mahā-mantra lao tumi māgi'

    bhakativinoda prabhu-caraṇe pariyā
    sei hari-nāma-mantra loilo māgiyā



    1) Lord Gauranga is calling, "Wake up, sleeping souls! Wake up, sleeping souls! How long will you sleep in the lap of the witch called Maya ?


    2) You have forgotten the way of devotional service and are lost in the world of birth and death.


    3) I have descended just to save you; other than Myself you have no friend in this world.


    4) I have brought the medicine that will wipe out the disease of illusion from which you are suffering. Take this maha-mantra-Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/Hare Rama, Hare Rama Rama Rama, Hare Hare."


    5) Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura says: "I fall at the Lord's feet, having taken this mahā-mantra."

    Image result for bhaktivinoda thakura

  • can u quote some verses here so that i can speak directly from then.
    • like krsna says...karmany eva adhikaraste...he says sreyan sva dharmoh vigunah para dharmah karma yoga he 18th chapter he says....he says we should do our prescribed duties without attachment,etc....but what is our prescribed duties as there are no brahmins,kshatriyas, vaishyas, shudras is doing our job our prescribed duy or are we going against scriptures by doing engineering prabhu....on what parameters should we decide our prescribed duty or is it just whimsical duties that we are doing today???


  • SB 11.5.17The killers of the soul are never peaceful, because they consider that human intelligence is ultimately meant for expanding material life. Thus neglecting their real, spiritual duties, they are always in distress. They are filled with great hopes and dreams, but unfortunately these are always destroyed by the inevitable march of time.

  • U must do ur job full heartedly and even better than others, so that others will be inspired to follow u. Thus u can also bring them to kc.
    also u must do it because we cant maintain ourself without job ,so problems come - economic,health,maintenence etc.. And we cant focus on our sadhana if we are busy dealing with them.
    and also as i said if u practice suddha bhakti there is no need for doing anything else in this world. But as we are not on this level ,we cant giv up our jobs and become sanyasis.
    so according to our qualification we must do our work with detachment from their fruits. This will lead to transcendental knowledge. And we will develop higher taste & nistha then we can reject these duties and engage fully.
    this is the gradual process. Bhagvad gita speaks like this going from karma yoga - jnana yoga - dhyana - bhakti etc.. There is a long sequence. If u read "surrender unto me" by bhurijan prabhu ull understand BG more clearly.

    but my concern was that we have very less time .death may come anytime so if we are spending too much time and energy in the long process (which were more suitable in previous ages) then it will take more births to reach the destination.

    My point is that we must give more energy and time in sankirtan that other less effective endeavors.
    Because there is much more things to learn within this bhakti path itself - regarding holyname, how to remove anarthas, how to attain nistha upto rati, how to chant pure name, how To realise the nature of the name and the self, offenses to avoid, so many things.

    But anyway if u are working but u are not doing bhakti then ur work is worthless. But if u r doing bhakti then all that u earn to maintain urself will be worthy - because that body is being used in krsna seva.

    Bhagavad bhakti vihinasya /jati japa tapas kriya / apranasya hi dehasya/ mandanam loka ranjanam

    Without bhakti whatever high birth, austerity, duties etc.. are done is simply like decorations on a dead body.

    Because this body is matter. But we are spirit. So wats the use working hard maintaing it , feeding it, protecting it?
    because it helps in bhakti, we keep it in good condition nurturing it. Otherwise its all useless .we will only be a burden on earth.
    so we must work with this understanding . And we must work keeping krsna con as the central point of our life. And we must work to get watever is sufficient for good maintanence ,not too much. Thus we can save time for kc .
    • So as devotees practicing bhakti.....if we are doing our jobs and professions in a regulated way....can they be called our prescribed duties??? (is it apara dharma or adharma)....m asking cz krsna stresses everywhere in bg to do one's prescribed by doing our professions are we doing adharma or dharma(prescribed duty)??

  • Hare krsna ! Im also an engineer student. Well engineer comes in the varna of sudra if we consider that the engineers work under someone for wages. But according to right understanding one is a sudra who serves the upper high classes who are in turn engaged in spiritual practices through ones wealth(vaisya), one's protecting and upholding bhagavad dharma(ksatriya) & through practicing oneself & preaching of dharma to lower classes(brahman). Thus that sudra also benefits spiritually. This was the system previously. U can observe all these factors in the characters of ramayana and mahabharata.

    But in the present time u cant expect to live like that, because there are no or v.less qualified brahmanas to guide the society like its head, no proper ksatriya rulers to uphold religious principle - just see how the govt encourages slaughterhouse ,wine shops etc..which are the places of kali's residence. Where do v see the vaisyas today whose occupation is agriculture and cow protection - we see how pple cultivate useless things like tobacco and tea etc.. Even the male cows are sold out to slaughter houses. Where is the spirituality among these divisions today. People today belong to the avaida or antyaja category i mentioned previously. They are not doing their duties acc to sastra so they are all outcaste even if they are performing the work of ruling or agriculture etc..
    today the actual varnasram sytem is not properly followed except in spiritual institutions. Because this is Kaliyuga . All other processes will not yield fruit quickly so we follow the sankirtan process.

    But whatever profession is comfortable to u , u must do because u need to nurture ur body( which has to be healthy to perform sadhana) & doesnt matter which category it belongs to because it doesnt help u spiritually.

    If u will only focus on suddha bhakti, then no need to consider about other things karma, varnasrama, yoga,knowlege,austerities etc.. Because thats the only end and the means to the end.

    in other words u must concentrate on suddha bhakti rather than other areas . to get "sradha" - ie., krsna bhakti kaile sarva karma krta haya .this faith that if i perform krsna bhakti then everything is accomplished should come. then only u can go forward in bhakti. there are so many things within bhakti that is to be known and practised so why bother about other subjects. lets be one pointed , one goal , one path through which everything is achieved.
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