Prehistorically times in Europe, America, Africa as opposed to Vedic civilization.  


i understood that in the ancient  Vedic civilization, not all the earth was populated. Apparently the so-called mahatbharat  was located on the present Indian Territory plus what is today called Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey and so on.  

I always wonder what happened at the same time on the present European and American, African territory. Was it only a vast forest or Jungle?

Plus how should we understand the existence of the so-called prehistoric men like Australopithecus, Cro-Magnon and so on?  Skeletons have been discovered nearly everywhere. I understood they cannot belong to these Vedic highly evoluted men, would it be only because their bodies were cremated anyway.

And what about the animals like tyrannosaurs and co which date back to millions of years according to scientific.  How can we explain their existence on a Vedic point of view?

Can anybody give a scientific if not a clear explanation of what may have happened at that time?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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    Hare Krishna.

    In staid of wondering here and there or searching, i think it will be batter if you can visit following website:

    and in case of specific query you can contact him for the right explanation.


    Hare Krishna.

    Stephen Knapp and his books on Spiritual Enlightenment and Vedic Culture
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    • haribol,

      I read one of his books but did not know about this website. This is really interesting. I will contact him soon.


      thank you for you precious help,


      Patricia Troncin

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    I know the books from Michael Cremo. I found the forbidden archeology difficult to read for neophytes in this domain.

    However, I read a text from him online after a congress in 1994. It is explained that each day of Brahma is composed of 14 manvatara periods each one lasting 71 yoga cycles. So I concluded that each day is made of 994 yuga cycles. And also one night of Bhahma lasts same time. And the entire universe is devastated and plunged into darkness. Can anybody explain what happen to the souls? Do they sleep for the same time or do they transmigrate to another universe with a day of Brahma?

  • In order to get the accurate, scientific and satisfying answer to your question/s; you must visit Benaras Hindu University (B.H.U.),

    {Location:Town-Varanasi,Province-Uttar Pradesh(U.P.), Country- India,*Region-North ,Continent- Asia}

    There you may have the chance,on your request,to come across the admirable scholars who know the subject well and readily partake the answer...a la lettre  correct.

    Methinks, your quest for the desired knowledge  and in-formations will end up well there.

    And,you will smile.


  • Hare Krishna! PAMHO!

    For details, you may read "SEARCHING FOR VEDIC INDIA" by HH Devamrita Swami.ACBSP, "BE DIFFERENT" by Rajiv Malhotra, or "Forbidden Archeology" by Drutakarma Das.ACBSP (Michael A Cramo). All are amazing books.

    To get more accurate and scientific answers to your Questions, I would especially suggest Drutakarma Das books. Find his publications name at:

    Hope this meets you in order.

    Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

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