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  • It is more important to practice for your preaching to be effective.

    If one is dishonest then he cannot teach others honesty.

    Similarly to preach Krishna consciousness one should be Krishna conscious.

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    What if someone does not chant, but preach . He is not following instructions. what is the result of those people to whom he preaches.

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      it is like selling a honey saying that it is very sweet but not knowing the real taste of it. 

      Yes, one can preach but if he tastes the taste of honey then he will sell it very easily. Because self experience only gives us desire and quality to preach.

      And also preaching means to beg people to chant the Holy Names. But WILL PEOPLE DO WHAT WE ARE NOT DOING OURSELVES????


      Once mother brought her son who used to eat too much sweets to a saint and requested to help.

      Saint told to come after 2 weeks. 

      When after 2 weeks they came again saint told to a child not to eat too much sweets.

      Then mother was surprised and asked: "You could tell this 2 weeks before then why you did not do so?"

      Saint replied: "2 weeks ago i also was eating too much sweets because of that i could not tell someone to do those things which i do not follow myself".

      In this way preaching without practice is with less use.

      Imagine: if some one is smoking and telling others not to do so....seems no intelligence.

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    In his lecture senior Brahmachari from Radha Gopinath Mandir HG Radhagopinath Prabhus says that Devotees is like a well. Preaching is considered as giving its water to those who are in need for water. And self development is compared to when water dries up well should be filled up. Or else what will give the well?

    In this way if we do not practice nicely we won't be able to be a nice instrument in the hand of Guru and Krisha. As like a knife. Practice means sharpening the end of the knife and preaching is as like cutting. 

    In the reality if one chants the Holy Names very attentively one will have overflowing desire to give this Holy Name to others. Because pure Holy Name purifies heart and in pure state the soul is selfless. 

    And preaching might be done in many different ways.

    Mother is also a preacher.

    Doctor is also a preacher.

    Student is also a preacher...

    For example, we may not have enough knowledge of shastras but we can preach by just attending Mangala Arati, Bhagavatam class, by our dance, by our practical services. Even we are not using speech but our actions will inform people that these things are important. In this way they will have faith to the service to Krishna.

    Or Mother cooking Prasadam and worshiping Deities at home can preach to her children, and other family members...

    In this way practice and preaching goes hand in hand as like Rahul Prabhu mentioned.

    Your servant,

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