Praying vs Materialistic effort

I did an experiment: I was lying down, said something like:

[Edit (2017 Feb 11): I'm now thinking: probably i was being hypocritical with the "Dear" and "Thank you", so saying "Dear" without feeling it was nasty of me.]

"Dear Krishna, I want to sleep now. I request you to please switch off that light. Thank you."

But the light of my room didn't switch off. Then I started chanting "Krishna", "Krishna", ... but the light still didn't switch off. Then I moved to the light switch and switched off its button myself and the light switched off.

I think in both the cases, the physics of switching off the light was handled by Krishna. I also think that the physics/biology of moving my body to light switch was also handled by Krishna. Can anyone please tell me that to me why materialistic effort of switching a button seemed more effective in achieving the aim compared to praying to Krishna and chanting?

[Edit (2017 Feb 11): I'm now thinking: why would God (supreme controller) handle physics/biology, like if No one's watching that what's going on inside my laptop then why would God even have anything existing inside my laptop, physics is an illusion, why would my laptop even exist when God can create sensation to me that laptop is existing.]

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    • He is not an order supplier, nor a servant. He is lord and master - we are servant.

      In Hindi, we say - dene wala jab bhi deta, deta chappar phad ke - whenever He gives, He gives in a  lot of quantity. If He had to give, he would have probably ensured power failure itself.

      I think Krishna did switch off the light when I switched the button.

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