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Pray for krishna's grace!!!!

Hare Krishna,

prabhus and matajis I want all of you to pray to krishna for his mercy on one dear friend of mine who had just joined a highly reputated college in India and now is facing the dilemma and challenge for his entire career due to some reasons;perhaps his innocentness and slight oversmartness  in absence of krishna consciousness has made him stucked in the midway in very big difficulty today that he is not finding anyone in the world to understand and support him even his father and mother.

I just told him no matter what happened in past but now believe in krisha and surrender to him and just try with all yr courage to fight against yr bad karmas.

Please pray for that anynomous frnd to krishna,may be I am being so strange in writing this but he really needs it!

Hare Krishna

Radhe Radhe!!

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  • Radhe Radhe!!!!!!

    Actually It was related to the college incidents that caused him being particularly being a fresher suffer like this.But some healing he was done to , as told by him to me today,all krishna;s mercy!!
    However that incident made me ponder that how the students at the one of the best colleges of India can have this kind of characterless mentality despite having all intelligence and smartness;and most painful is that these r the very future of our society tomorrow who are respected in most parts of society and people due to their educational qualification.
    The students of today have all the things necessary taught and learned except morality!!!if today such activities are done by these fellows what will be when they will be at the top decison making processes of nation tomorrow!!!!!!

    May krishna's glimpse of knowledgefulness and purity in character shine upon today's youth.

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  • We will pray for you as well : ) Please start chanting rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra and believe God as having a divine form. 

    • dhanyawaad!!!!I too really need this at this juncture of life to be more absorbed and determined in the quest for the almighty;
      Hare Krishna!111

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Your mail has not stated what problem your friend is facing. Maybe if you state what it is, someone can help.

    Chanting the holy name is the best solution to all problems, therefore you have guided him to the right path. Whether he takes it up or not, that choice is with him.


    Your servant,


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