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All glories to Srila Prabhupada 🌺🦚

I am a NEET aspirant and devotee. I chant 16 rounds everyday and following the principles.

Should I honour only Prasadam? How to offer Prasadam to krishna?

It is hard for me to have only Prasadam because I have to study too much and also My mother makes food for me. I can only make Prasadam and offer it... On Sundays.

What to do for becoming a devotee like Prabhus Who wear white dhoti and kurta.... And Managing my Student life also??

Please Guide me.

Your servant 





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        • How to connect with  nearest iskon temple as I dont go there very often it's been months when I last went there can I contact them online 

      • Hare krishna prabhu...

        You are on Instagram???

  • Hare Krishna prabhu ji if you can't have prasaadam all the times thats ok as you are a student and can't cook all the times you can put tulsi leaves offered to krishna whenever tou take prasaadam i fo the same and pray and when kitchen is in your hand you can take care that you only gave prasaadam also you can jyst leave to eat of food  outside as it us very bad and spoils our consciousness 

    It's very easy to offer prasaadam just serve the food to krishna and put a tulsi leave in all of the offerings you can ecen use tulsi sticks if you don't have tulsi leaves and in many sampradaya prasaadam if offered without tulsi leaves like radhavallavh sampradaya so see with which bhav you are serving krishna hare krishna all the wishes for your spiritual journey 

    • Hare Krishna prabhu🌺🦚

      Thanks for helping me in this.

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