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I am a NEET aspirant and devotee. I chant 16 rounds everyday and following the principles.

Should I honour only Prasadam? How to offer Prasadam to krishna?

It is hard for me to have only Prasadam because I have to study too much and also My mother makes food for me. I can only make Prasadam and offer it... On Sundays.

What to do for becoming a devotee like Prabhus Who wear white dhoti and kurta.... And Managing my Student life also??

Please Guide me.

Your servant 





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  • Hare krishna prabhuji, the thing that I would tell can be a little hard but it is the truth.

    Please don't focus on Bhakti too much now. It can harm your studies. I have tried it and NEET is a very competitive examination. And it requires a lot of concentration and study hours. And believe me or not I am also student (class12) and bhakti takes a lot of time and I would say that if you chant 16 round its okay but you can also reduce it to 8 rounds. I am not discouraging you. Bhakti is the ultimate goal of life.

    But around this time, for only one year, you should only study and not do so much bhakti because it would ultimately ruin your study.

    Let me explain you. First of all, if you chant too much rounds you your mind and brain would be fixed only in devotion and would loose interest in academic study.

    And I would also not recommend you listening and reading devotional scriptures in this year because As you read and hear first of all you would become very much interested in knowing more And if you  if you ponder about something which is contradictory to your academic study topic, Then your mind would be disturbed very much.

    It happened to me when I was in Class 11. I was reading Shrimad Bhagavatam and pondered upon the cosmology of the universe. I would not tell you what is the Bhagavatam cosmology because it would contradict a lot on your academic topic and that time in my physics, "Gravitation" chapter was going on and it was very much contradictory and for many days I was very much distracted from my study and I lost many precious DAYS, Not hours. Because I was searching the web, that which is the right knowledge.

    So I would tell you not to read and not to hear. Because Bhakti is also a vairagya. Also renunciation to material opulence. Now some devotees might say it is not renunciation completely, but renunciation for Krishna and not for our own sense gratification. But you cannot disagree with the fact that the current academic study, or your goal to become a doctor is depending on material study and hardwork and to know everything scientifically with material scientific curiosity. You would be very much discouraged to study if you hear from great Vaishnav. Because they would preach renunciation and temporariness of material education and will preach that Material education as Avidya. So It is very much important that you for just one year, stay away from reading & Hearing Devotional topics. You can just chant.

    And focus a lot hard on Preparation for NEET because just for one year you have to prepare and then you can continue your bhakti full on. By reading all the Goswami's intimate literatures and no one will Stop you then, because you have just got a chance into Medical College,

    but just for one year. Please, please, please don't read or here. Just focus and concentrate on the current situation and don't quarrel with your parents because at this time you need their emotional help and Everything.

    So whatever they give you, you take it and don't disturb your mind so much. Krishna understands what is the intention of the devotee and he will surely forgive you, he is very merciful so you can take whatever they give you. Yes, try to avoid non vegetarian food, but if they give you onion and garlic you should not quarrel with them because they are the ones who would support you in this one-year journey.

    • Thankyou

      Hare Krishna 🦚🌺

  • Hare krsna 

    Brother... Remember, serving parents is something krsna loves... Example is pundalil story.... Nd wat service u cn do is... Study well, press ur moms feet take care of them... U dont need to weae white dhoti to become a devotee... Yup attire is imp... Bt thts nt the only thing... U chant 16 rounds, so y dont u ask ur krsna to show u... Nd u r saying no one neAr u is a devotee.... Then ask krsna... He will find u a good devotee association.... Remember its surrender to lord which is more imp than what u r wearing.... Nd yes... And i hope u will b a grt doc one day... Be thankfull to krsna... and ur parents... Tht they spent thr whole lifes money on ur studies... So serving them is ur duty...

    And about prasadam... Keep small cup of butter or curd or milk... Nd hv it... Nd mix with watevr u eat...the whole thing gets purified... Nd lord loves milk products... So he will b happy... Dont alwys think of hw to b like other devotee... Instead think how to make krsna happy... Nd u will find answers

    Hare krsna 

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I have read all the posts in this thread. 

    In Class 12, please concentrate on your studies. You are an ambassador of Krsna. So if you get less marks, everyone including family members will say that you went into devotion and didnt spend time on studies. Do well, get into an IIT. MOst IIT in India have active preaching going on. 

    Regarding prasadam, offer whatever is cooked at home veg, without onion garlic. Indicate that you do not want to take onion garlic in food. Do not get into fights at this stage. Concentrate on studies. Even if something is bought from outside or Haldiram etc., offer if it is without onion garlic and have.

    Krsna sees our sincerity and rewards by making our situation conducive. I have learnt that obstacles on the path of bhakti are merely to make our resolve stronger. So please do not get bogged down by these things. Persevere.

    Online sanga is possible. Write to me on inbox, I will add you to my whatsapp group. This is an all India group.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD


  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Connect with serious iskcon devotees in your school or around.
    Or if you don't have time by internet try to develop a relationship with such a devotee that is your well wisher.
    There is nothing like sadhu sanga and ready Prabhupada's books together

    Your mother is cooking, there is no harm, offer it to Prabhupada and the Lord, she will get benefice and you will too.

    All the best,

    Jaya Prabhupada.

    • Hare Krishna prabhuji

      But I am the only krishna devotee in my family.... i gave up eating Non-vegetarian food a long time ago But it is difficult to give up garlic and onion because my mother cooks food and she include onion garlic almost everytime in meal......and they are not too much in bhakti. They will not leave onion and garlic only because I don't want to have it.

      What should I do in this condition? Please Guide

      Haribol 🦚.... All glories to Srila Prabhupada 🌺🦚


      • Hare Krishna prabhu ji food with onion garlic or cooked in utensils in which meat onion garlic or fhave been cooked or food of market  is   totally unfit for offering to krishna you can just take food which your mother cook and just wait my family is akso not much in bhakti and i am the only devotee but still with tine they keft onion garlic suddenly you can jyst express you unwill for eating garlic and onion when they will see your unwill they will leave it as krsns inspires meanwhile you can offer cashew and pista mishri and take them with your normal food

    • Prabhu ji i there is no devotees mear me so i tried making devotee friends online so much but i didn't find anyone to make relation with i didn't find any devotee group who can motivate me in my shadhna i study in class 12 can you kindly help and suggest me how can i make devotee friends online and where i can find them that will be very kind of you all glories to vaishnavs and shrila prabhupad hare krishna 

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu.
        Please connect with the nearest Iskcon temple, surely they have some contact. Try to find some devotee to read and speak Prabhupada's books together.

        Your servant
        Nitai Caran Das

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