Hare Krishna dear devotees 

I talk so much, i don't think what i am speaking and to whom i am speaking whenever i engage in a talk with my neighbors i get submerged in the conversation so much that i totally forget about vaishnav etiquette  . In  my friends i even enjoy talking of mundane topics and subjects i feel very guilty of that but do the same again and again, another thing that whenver i go to a walk with neighbour childrens i waste minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours continuously talking of foolish and mundane topics i really feel that time can be utilized for my chanting and reading plz suggest me ways how i can grab my mind from a conversation and go back home as i have never seen my mind say lets go back home i always say one more round  one more round and an hour passes it's the second person who have to say bye when he sees that it's too late ( i feel very shamed as i am a devotee and i don't care for time and non devotes are care for time) plz help how can i control my desire of talking so much and pack up a converstion in minimum words 

I sometimes think that this habit will be vary helpful if i find a devotee who live near me so that i will talk of krishna with him

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I completely understand and this is normal for your age. The good thing is - you are able to understand that you need to control this urge to talk all the time. One good way to control this urge is to chant attentively your committed number of rounds everyday.

    Regarding talking about mundane topics, please dont bother. Be normal. Try to talk about relevant topics like studies, or current affairs (within limits) and Krsna, of course. Everytime, retrospect and think what you could have done better. This way, you will be able to control gradually. Work on yourself. 

    When you speak with a neighbour or friend, mentally set time. You will end the conversation in half an hour or an hour and try to stick to that. Put alarm if you can, and get up/ move on saying now you have to go. 

    Maintaining a dairy will help you vent out your thoughts. Try to keep thatdairy confidential, so that there is no danger on being judged.

    Best of luck,

    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thank you mataji for giving so practical solution one more thing mataji when we are with friends we can't talk of ksna as they are not interested and I also dont talk on spiritual subjects as they will get bored ( this is my thinking thus might be wrong) 

      • So what is the limit of topics as we talk with friends and how can we have krsna conscious talk with athestic people as we talk to them as they otherwise start talking 9f mundane subjects I will definately try you suggestion

        • E-Counselor

          I understand. With friends, talk of common interest topics (dont get into the rut of talking about girls all the time, happens at your age). Keep the converstaion clean. Keep doing your sadhana sincerely. Gradually, time will come when you are able to talk about Krsna freely and they are able to understand/ appreciate you. 

          Remember onething, preachingis what is done without opening one's mouth. We open our mouth to preach only wheh there is no other option. Other times, our lives are such that it is preaching/ example for all around us. Do not tax yourself. Will happen gradually. 



          • Mataji what are the topics with which we can start between friends so that the conversation can be spiritual or atleast can be a decent 

            • E-Counselor

              Topics of faith, of revival of our lost culture, of how great our past is - India has unlearned all the teachings of the past and is now trying to learn from the eyes of foreigners..... - these topics interest me.

              It could be sports, current affairs, what one wants to become, what to styudy - how to go to IIT/ abroad and study. What is an upcoming field where there will be employment opportunities or maybe good area to start own business/ startup. whatever - there are so many things

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