practicing early morning raising

hare Krishna to all devotees...

jai srila prabhupad

how to practice early morning raising .I attended mangal arati nearly 1 n half month but now days not able to wake up early morning.because of that m nt ready to take my next level ashraya programme that is upasak level.pls help me with your experiances especially those who are working so that I can inspire from other devotees life practices.

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  • Volunteer

    I do eat less and light for dinner. And take my dinner little earlier than my bed time. Around 4-5 PM so that around 8-9 Pm my stomach is not heavy with food. So sleep nicely and deeply and wake very fresh.

    Food which we eat is very essential in reducing sleep hours. So we have to know our body and eat accordingly. For example, for a man to eat heavy grains 3-4 times a day maybe ok but for a women no, especially for dinner.

    Or for one who is doing much physical job to eat heavy grains 3-4 times a day maybe ok, but for those who mostly sit, and travel in vehicles it maybe to heavy and create acidity and all other problems.

    I mostly sit, so I prefer to eat grains once in a day for lunch but for breakfast and dinner light food like fruits, vegetables, milk, curd, fasting flours...

    Also You can try to do Hathya yoga. It helps to relax the body and reduces desire to eat too much.

    Your servant,

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    To get up in the morning, one has to sleep early. Try to sleep by 9.00 - 9.30 pm max., and you will be able to get up at 4.00 am. One obvious thing to do is to set the alarm for 4.00 am. Another thing that can be done is to get a friend who wakes up at 4.00 am to call you at that time. This acts as a motivator that someone is bothering with you so much that you wake up. The third important thing to do is to pray to Krsna that you want to wake up early to do His service and please can He help. He will surely help you.

    Only the first day/week it is difficult, then it becomes easy. Think that Krsna is your boy friend and that you have a date with Him at mangalarati - then you will not be able to sleep regardless of how tired or sleepy you are.

    Try mataji, then tell us what difficulty you are facing.


    Your servant,


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