pamho, hare krishna,

I came across the following article in newspaper:

Dr. Satyapal Singh, PHD in Chemistry, India's Minister of State for Human Resource Development responsible for Higher Education, says at least his ancestors were not monkeys.

It is not right to oppose or reject an opinion suddenly or in surge/haste.  There was a lot of controversy when he had demanded that there be a change in Indian textbooks regarding removing Darwinianism and making changes to Indian syllabus.

Prabhupada had told this long back.   Why changes have not been made yet ?  Some purport of Bhagavad Gita, Prabhupada mentions that animals are fearing for their life.  Why man has made such industrial pollution making it impossible to live on earth ?  Why people have stopped showing compassion towards animals and are keeping them in cage for their entertainment ?

My Experience:  I had once gone for 1/2-day nature trip with Bombay Natural History Society.  The guides told us about various types of birds, their calls, their migration seasons, etc.  One important instruction they gave us was that in some places people record the voices of bird calls and disturb them by playing it during their sleeping season.  This is a grave crime against nature and should be avoided at all costs.

Scriptural Evidence:  Compassion for animals:  Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu danced with animals in the forest of Jharikhanda and made them chant the Holy Name.

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