Post Modernism

Hare Krishna everyone

It is years that I have a negative outlook and view of post modernism.
It seems natural for someone trying to realize the absolute truth to be opposed to such a philosophy that deny an absolute truth and broadcast that everyone can have his own truth.
It seems antinomic to Bhagavat dharma and our Vaishnava epistemology.

Yet the Acintya Bhedabedha Tattva Philosophy is so great, that we can encompass and understand every type of mentality or philosophy in this world and explain it in the light of Bhagavat dharma.

So I was think about that and I would like your thoughts about it.

First let's define Post modernism :

Postmodernism is a philosophical movement that emerged in the mid-to-late 20th century. It represents an intellectual and cultural paradigm shift, questioning fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality, truth, knowledge and authority. Its focus is on subjectivity and plurality of interpretation, with the aim of deconstructing traditional conceptions of what constitutes knowledge and understanding. 

Postmodernism is heavily influenced by critical theory, which challenges existing social, political and economic power relations that are seen as oppressive. Postmodernists see the world as an interconnected web of systems and processes, rather than as a unitary whole. This means that people are not merely passive receivers or objects of knowledge; instead, they actively construct their own understandings of the world. Thus, postmodernists argue that knowledge is contingent, contextual and ever-evolving.

As a philosophy, postmodernism rejects concepts of rationality, objectivity, and universal truth. Instead, it emphasizes the diversity of human experience and multiplicity of perspectives.

The investigative perspective of Postmodernism is characterized by self-reference, epistemological relativism, and moral relativism, pluralism, irony, and eclecticism; and dismisses the universal validity of the principles of binary opposition, the stablility of identity, hierarchy, and categorization.

We could say that Postmodernism is a response to the dogmatism and rigidly defined systems of belief enforced by various European powers over centuries. This movement seeks to challenge absolute truths and promote diversity of thought, which could be seen as a way of restoring the balance between unity and diversity in truth.

So Acintya Bhedabheda Tattva encapsulates the Postmodernism concept in a healthy way. It emphasizes the importance of both unity (the absolute truth) and diversity (the individual's unique relationship to that truth). It encourages individuals to explore their own spirituality and recognize the love of God in their lives.

We can see in this philosophy the prelude of the Woke movement. As devotees we need to be expert in understanding the wonderful balance of the Acintya Bedhabedha Tattva. It is a automatic and natural reflex to counter balance the excess of these philosophies. Just like Voidism and impersonalism. We need to stand on our 3 feets of Guru Sadhu and Sastra and on Time Place and Circunstances.
Mundane people miss the essence and are very prone to the influence of this age and it's philosophies, they are mostly innocent and emotionnal. Yes God have an impersonal aspect, Yes we are all differents and our perception and interpretation of this world are variegated, the Vedas agrees with that. Yet the Vedas goes further, it sees the variegatedness in the source of the impersonal aspect of God and the unity in the differences of the living entities.

Please dear devotees if we could go further and churn the way to adress such philosophy in a way that will be please to Srila Prabhupada, that we may become expert to serve him and his mission. gaura vani pracarine nirvisesa-sunyavadi-pascatya-desa-tarine.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

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