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Dear All,I have a friend who recently got married and now she is having trouble in her married life. Reasons being :(a) Her in laws are very well to do, but keep on fighting for dowry;(b) They want their daughter in law to be working at home as well as in office..which becomes practically difficult(c) They keep on taunting her and keep demanding jewelry (which she got from her family)I feel sad for her situation and especially its hardly 2 months after her marriage. How do i console her ??? Now, she has shown her kundali to an astrologer and he says that kundali is not matching.....she feels her life is ruined..Please post in your views so that i can help my friend..

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    • hari bol,
      harassing means what ?
      taunting is OK, can be tolerated, as i understand she is CA she can appoint servant and can say directly i can't work , what is problem ?
      as her husband is not interfering she also can fight back.
      listen carefully tell her to get only one evidence may be video or audio for support.
  • hare krishna.....

    ask u r frnd to visit near by any police station .if this happens continously .ask her to book a compliant against dowry act.......
  • hare amrita saxena

    its seems very sad......and hope she is gonna be blessed by krishna ...ask u r frnd to chant the maha mantra regularly "hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare,hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare"... its an only medicine in kaliyuga ....don't belive in kundali ..astrologer..and all .....just belive in krishna......
    • Thank Yuo...shall ask her to chant the holy name but if she has to practicallt deal with such things...what can she do ??

      esp when her in laws are demanding dowry / jewelery.....she herself is not materialistic..but each time if she keeps on hearing/ accepting unreasonable demands of her in laws...then life will be hell...esp if she is continuing (which is very necessary)......

      Practically how do one deal with such a situation
      • Hare krishna,
        please tell in detail, as u said "Her in laws are very well to do, but keep on fighting for dowry" this is contradicting.
        i have very good experience of such situation.
        what abt her husband , is he supports her ?
        what he can do for her ? if her husband is not good then she has to be seaperated there is no choice for her.if she remain there it will create big problem for her.
        i definately can give solution with that her in laws will daily bow down in front of her.
        but clear her intensions.
        please tell her to gather evidance first like she can record voice while they talk bad or abuse her ** it is very important if she wants to be happy.if they are beating her she can go to doctor and take letter from him about injury and can take photographs
        one evidenace is sufficient to improve them 100%.
        if she simply goes to police station and makes complaint her inlaws are finish completely.
        now days women are rulling, u just tell her whenever she wants she can teach them lesson also she can get whatever she wants from her in laws.
        but please tell details before taking further steps, lawyers are bad people. if husband is good we have different methods.tell her chant
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