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Dear All,I have a friend who recently got married and now she is having trouble in her married life. Reasons being :(a) Her in laws are very well to do, but keep on fighting for dowry;(b) They want their daughter in law to be working at home as well as in office..which becomes practically difficult(c) They keep on taunting her and keep demanding jewelry (which she got from her family)I feel sad for her situation and especially its hardly 2 months after her marriage. How do i console her ??? Now, she has shown her kundali to an astrologer and he says that kundali is not matching.....she feels her life is ruined..Please post in your views so that i can help my friend..

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  • Thank You........i have given all suggestions given by you all to my friend. She is bringing into practice
  • Hare Krishna,

    I feel extremely bad about your friend what i suggest is
    (a) Ask your friend to take her husband in confidence ( if she is smart enough she knows how to do it)
    (B) Ask her not to hide anything from her Parents.
    (C) Ask her not to leave her job at any cost and lastly don't forget that No Astrologer is as big or intelligent than God ask her to pray to lord and ask for his help..... and i don't know whether your friend will believe in this or not but ask her to Chant b'coz chanting works, i've seen it practically....

    May Krishna bestows his mercy on ur friend.

    Hare Krishna
  • Thanks a lot
  • Thank You for your kind response.......
    What is derive from the entire discussion is "Chanting the Hari Mantra is the only solution".

    Also, it is Karma fal which one gets and the rite way is to pass through it (not suffer) under spiritual guidance.

    Also, thanks to all the devotees who have in their own ways cleared my doubt and given me ways to suggest my friend to handle her present situation. Even if it harsh..there is a way out to be in peace. May be its test time for her.

    All glories to Krishna, Rama

    • hare Krishna amritaji,
      Chanting is the only solution but we should undestand it is a gradual process and good things take time in life to come.let the mystic of mystic krishna resolve your friend problem.yes, she is in desparable situation and she can come out of this if she wish too.A genuine effort is always helped by Krishna.In my opinion, she should take these steps immediatley , getting the anwers in yes or no? First she should ask herself and her husband how much they value this relationship? If husband is not good(sorry he shud not be called husband if he cant take care of her wife)then as per vedic wisdon, a girl parents are his support .they would genuinely help her out if they love their daughter. if the husband is ready to help her out, other things can be manage.But a husband sitting idle is not appreciated.this all has to be done coolly and calmly. A much better approach would be a open meeting between both the families and amicable solution can be arrived.Divorce shoud be in extrem case only. Bt if in laws are very greedy then, she shoudl give fitting reply, bt once again is the husband at her side ???? First let her assess her situation clearly.minor comments of in laws can be ignored like food , household work etc. Bt threatening life and identity, take bulls by horns. Jai shree radhe Jai srila prabhupada
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    • hari bol,
      preach to ur friend.
      keep updating this post
  • Prabhakarji

    I have better topics to do research on........?? No offense...but as rightly pointed out by Nileshji...this is the forum where we can discuss each and evry doubt.

    Still i value your views and would still want your views as i genuinely want my friend to be happy....

    Hare Krishna..
  • r u doing any project work or research work on this or what .............? 4 me its seems to be fake ...pls try and discuss something which is related to krishna Consciousness...........
    • Hare krishna prabhakar prabhu,
      You may be right prabhu some one may be doing kind of research work but someone may be in real problem kaliyuga almost all people approached god when they are in problems and depressed .
      for preaching we need to listen them and try to do our best help also give them K.C. . i also came in to K.C. because of anxiety and problems and devotees helped me and given care to me.please forgive me.i am just trying to help in little possible ways.

      trying to be servant,
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  • Some more facts:
    My friend is a CA and is working with a big 4 in mumbai. Her husband is a CS and has his own business. Her in laws are well to do but again "greed"...coz of which they are harassing..and apart from that continuously they keep on taunting on her work timings, keep on asking her to work as in do all household work (besides cooking)..which becomes difficult. Her husband doesn't say anything..which is good and bad.

    She also knows to approach police or seek help legally...but can anything be done to save the relation....chanting is there but that will take time and how much does she suffer / choose to suffer.
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