• can women wear tulasi mala on all days? 

    • Yes Mataji, if one is following all regulative principles i.e. no meat eating including fish, eggs, onions and garlics; no intoxication including tea and coffee; no illicit sex and no gambling including lottery...

      Hare Krsna !

      • hare krishna...thanks to all..i'm follwing all principles,and doing japa.but i'm still consuming coffee nd tea..should i wait. till i stop them?
        • Yes Mataji, you should wait till you quit coffee and tea, and as you are chanting, very soon you will be able to leave automatically the habit of coffee and tea also.

          Hari Bol !

          • thanks a lot for encouragement

                                                 raaaadhe bol

  • Hare Krsna Mataji,

    Tulasi being dear to Krsna is very sacred and is worshipped by lots of devotees all around the world.

    One can wear Tulasi mala if he is not into meat eating including fish, eggs, onions and garlics.

    Hare Krsna !

    • Volunteer

      and also other 3 regulative principles not only being veg is the quality for wearing mala from Tulasi.

      If we do not follow them then better not wear It other wise it is great offense to the Lotus Feet of a Vaishnavi.

      Your servant,

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