Please help me

I had no bhava I had reached bhav 4 years ago it was bhav abhas of the previous bhav I had I offended a saint vaishnava 4 years ago at the stage of bhav without intention I went back to him to ask forgiveness but I wasn't serious at that time so he forgave but krishna didn't after that 6 months later I found out I had been possessed by 3 evil demons who made me do more blasphemy to exalted devotees my heart is now filled with offences I had bhav abhas of previous bhav but that too went away as the spirit made me blaspheme another saint it is not my mental speculation r disorder as I kNow I am perfectly normal my family doesn't believe in demons they take me to psychiatrists and nothing is happening for 3 years now what should I do should I go back to the pure devotee whom I offended first time? Can a pure devotee drive spirits away? Please don't tell me to recite narasimha stuti because I have cried badly for narasimha dev but he didn't help because I am too fallen please tell me should I go back to the pure devotees can they drive spirits away? Demons away please tell me I can't chant even 1 round of mahamantra due to offences no taste please help me these spirits make me do all bad sins you can't even imagine and make me abuse vaishnavas should I go to pure devotees for help?

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    No taste in chanting - chant anyways. I also dont have taste in chanting, despite chanting for so many years. I have never examined whether I am attacked by demons. Even if I am, Krsna is my only shelter and will be. WHat is the point of going anywhere else?

    Render service to devotees - dont see whether senior devotee, whether pure devotee, whether peer devotee or junior devotee. Always render whatever service you can in your capacity.

    Eat only Krsna prasadam. Do not put anything else in your mouth. 

    Be in constant association of devotees. That is the best antidote. 

    Read Gita everyday and keep one Gita under your pillow when you sleep. 

    No ghost can remain in such quarantined environment.

    There is a famous saying, dont tell God you have big problems. Tell your problems I have big God.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thank you mata ji

    • Wow! mata ji that saying is really nice. Thanks for the last line. " There is a famous saying , don't tell God you have big problems. Tell your problems I have big God."  


  • listen lectures of srila prabhupad daily - available at prabhupadavani,org,

    spend time with devotees 

  • Read translation of Hanuman Chalisa, understand the meaning, and recite, also sing kirtans continuously
  • frend said he has evil spirits in we asked one sadhu the solution..he said..recite hanuman chalisa 108 times in a day..take shelter of hanuman ji...

  • Thank you mata ji

  • stay calm. Vaishnavas curse is also a blessing in disguise. Don't worry. Read Bhagwatam canto 10 for getting back you bhav prem back. Lord baal leelas and his glories if u listen it will automatically cleanse you.

    Remember the deliverance of Nalakubera n Manigreeva Story? Narad ji's curse was infact a boon in disguise for the sons of kubera. So a Vaishnava are most harmless people. Even if they curse that is for your betterment only. And as far as this evil spirits and all .. there is nothing like that. Nirbhay bhav! Lord is the protector. Lord resides in you and me. Then why should there be fear at all?

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