when at least i will be free from bad qualities?

hare krishna prabhujis and matajis.


srila prabhupad ki jay

i got connected to iskcon in 2007.

i always try to remain in touch with iskcon whenevar possible.

i have read many books of iskcon (atleast i feel like that)

my problem is that i feel myself very learned. i like to preach others (to satisfy my ego).

i feel myself very proud and i feel that i am very intelligent than others.

but many senior vaishnav says-

one should be humle like blade of grass,one should be ready to give respect to others and should not desire to receive respect from others.

i want to develop these qualities.

please guide me to remove bad qualities which i have.also i am very sinful person.i want to remove sinful tendencies which i have.i want to become a pure person.please suggest me.

                                                                         ur servant


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