Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

It seems it was a single state where cows were not allowed to be killed. Karnataka.

To see how one is offended and not to perform something is also an offense. Please, can we somehow protect them?

Can we do strong Kirtans as like we did when we wanted to save Mother Yamuna?!

Especially Devotees from Karnataka please organize congregational street Kirtans and let know everyone that we should not kill our mothers!!!!!!!!

Please, those who are not in Karnataka share this with those who are there!

Thank You so much!

Your insignificant servant, bhaktin maral


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  • Mataji, Im in Karnataka only.. Now congress govt has come.. they are fully corrupt politicians.. they see only their profit.. inorder to get votes they are trying to woo the minority people.., muslims and christians.. this has always been their strategy... they say that they will look after the interest of minority and thus they are planning to remove the Ban on cowslaughter which was laid down by BJP govt... dont know what to do...

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      Please Prabhuji go to the Jagannath Mandir or to Lakshmi Narasimha Mandir and request Devotees to do Kirtans.

      Please!I know there are many many sincere Devotees, and very intelligent also so Krishna will hear their prayers.

      Your servant, 

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    because beef is a very profitable industry sadly... we live in an age where, if the circumstance is given, the chances are we will even sell our mothers... I this almost always in the west where people have no regards for their mothers and they use so much profanity against them to either a) act cool (that's always a funny one) or b) the mother does something against the child's will (for ex. curfew, grounding, etc.)...  

    now spreading informational pamphlets is very important because if people don't know they can't do. I think after finals are over (mid june) i'll be helping out in whatever way possible. 

    I don't know how India works really since I live in the US, but has anyone thought about doing a petition?


    There is one here: http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/president-of-india-to-stop-mr... 

    but I'm not too familiar with petition either sadly.

    Since we live in a digital era now, we need to take this both online and to the streets to double the impact. All ISKCON temples should send out a message to devotees to either sign a petition and spread the message or at least do something if they have contacts. 

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall. The number of devotees out there is extremely large, and these are just ISKCON devotees. Add in the number of vegetarians / vegans and the number of Hindus, and the number of people against animal cruelty... we can do anything :)


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      United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

      Jai Jai!

      Thank You Prabhuji!

      And also thank You for the petition. It worked with Bhagavad Gita protection in Russia so it should help in this also. So correctly You said Prabhu, if we are together we will stand but divided fall.

      Your servant, 

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    i do not think so. In our Temple we used to live very very austere. 

    One type of food, no much cloth, counting each coin ...so how can You say that Prabhuji?

    Devotees are working hard distributing books, ...but still money is not growing as like a tree.

    Usually money is there where are illicit activities. And nobody says about that.


    i am not talking about money, i am talking about protecting cows, which means be satisfied with what You have and do not try to over enjoy your senses by eating mother's flesh ;(

    how sad! 

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    Devotees are doing their best Prabhuji, they sleep less, they reduce their food, they reduce time for other enjoyments but are trying to serve to Krishna and are trying to help other people to open their eyes and wake up.

    There are already so many goshalas. But it seems it is not enough. Devotees are doing whatever is in their capacity by the mercy of Krishna.

    But still we have to do more :( 

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