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Hare Krishna!Please accept my most humble obeisances,All Glories to Shree guru and GaurangaI had a postpaid simcard on my name which I gave it to one of my devotee friend. After some days he went to his home town for 3 months. Before going to home he spoke to customer care that whether incoming is free or not in roaming so that he could use that simcard in roaming also with minimum outgoing calls. They cheated him and told yes but after one month when bill came they included incoming call charges also. He stopped using the simcard and told me one month later. Now I am not staying in that billing address. The company people came 2-3 times to the address to recover the bill. My friends were there and they told that I have left the flat and they don’t have my contact details. Later on they informed me about that. Now the bill is almost double. My devotee friend is saying we should not pay it as they cheated him, but he is ready to pay the bill if I am getting any problem from the company. Please advice me what should I do?

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji Dandwat Pranam!Please accept my most humble obeisances,

    Thank you very for your reply.
    Sorry I dint put my question very clear in this matter. Here the amount is not that much big around 3 thousand and my devotee friend is ready to pay. I am not bothering about any actions from company. Here my thinking is as they cheated him. For me his opinion seems right to not to pay the bill. But I want to know whether it will affect his and my karma and is it against the vaishnava conducts?
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      Hare Krishna,


      You already know that to save their money, company keeps low salary people who do miscommunication and this kind of problems are created.


      You didn't cheated them or even tried to do so. So, it is non of your fault and no need to even worried about any KARMA. As Krishna knows that non of you intend to do so.


      Morally, you are liable to pay your regular monthly payment. So, if there is further issues, you must pay at least that much amount. If asked for full payment than penalty ("almost double") should not by paid. And i know at last they try to recover whatever they can.


      One more thing, if you don't pay any amount than whoever used it must donate regular monthly amount in any kind of Krishna's service. That will surely give satisfaction for sure.


      Hare Krishna. :-}

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    Hare Krishna,


    One of my friend has not paid this kind of bills with many cell phone companies. They threaten you if you are there but as you have left that place and your friends are not having trouble beside 2-3 times visit than nothing to worry, company wont do anything. Only one thing you can not and that is, cnt buy SIM of same company as you are on their record and can close your account any time if they find you active.


    Still your heart forcing you to pay off that amount than find out how much it is. If it is not big amount than pay it and get free from worry. But if it is BIG than forget it. As time passes, it will keep on growing and company will keep on sending bills.


    Regarding your friends, if you are mature enough to escape by saying, "THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS AND YOU ARE ALREADY LEFT", than nothing to worry from that point of view either.


    Hope this may help you at some extant.



    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

    Krishna Krishna

    Hare Hare

    Hare Rama Hare Rama

    Rama Rama

    Hare Hare

    and be happy.

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