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Hare Krishna!
I want to ask you if you could share your personal experience or a resource, showing direct exchange of information with Krishna. I mean, a conversation-like interaction...
Thanks, Peace and love !

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Hare Krishna

Some experiences with God coming out from the Deity form and interacting with devotees:

This is very interesting, thank you!

Personal experiences with Krishna are not to be shared prabhu ji. It is becoz no one can understand its importance. For others they might looks simply foolish or absurd.....Even they might blasphemer it saying what is the proof? does Krishna really talk...they might even make fun of your bhakti. I did this mistake of sharing it with all and I was ridiculed. I learnt this lesson now. It is better to keep it personal, cherish it. No one can understand other person bhakti prem or bhav. You are just making them sin by giving them a chance to ridicule at you. Better you not do that.

This is my opinion. Great people we all know have shared many instances all are there in Bhaktmal stories where you can get plenty of their personal experiences. Lord was also very favorable to them HE showed them and people around also his leelas as a proof.

We are not yet to that advanced stage we may get some small experiences ....but who knows it could be our mind's play. neither we can prove it to anyone.

Just cherish it and treasure it that is what I have learnt. 

Hare Krishna.

One of Prabhupada's disciples named Pushta Krishna Das, had such experience you are seeking.

You can find many videos of Pushta Krishna Prabhu on Youtube. I suggest you watch them.

Here is one thats just 4 minutes:

Hi there, this man mentioned about the book he wrote, but didn't share an experience...but thanks anyway :)


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