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Hare Krishna!
I want to ask you if you could share your personal experience or a resource, showing direct exchange of information with Krishna. I mean, a conversation-like interaction...
Thanks, Peace and love !

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Hare Krishna

Some experiences with God coming out from the Deity form and interacting with devotees:

This is very interesting, thank you!
Hey, I get your point, I agree. My intention was to increase my faith, you know? Actually, I haven't shared my personal experiences, but because, I think for now I should keep them for my soul only. God Bless!

Hare Krishna

There is nothing wrong in sharing experiences. Whether others believe them or not, should not concern us. Our experiences can inspire others and elevate them. This is good.



I mean your story is interesting..

One of Prabhupada's disciples named Pushta Krishna Das, had such experience you are seeking.

You can find many videos of Pushta Krishna Prabhu on Youtube. I suggest you watch them.

Here is one thats just 4 minutes:

Hi there, this man mentioned about the book he wrote, but didn't share an experience...but thanks anyway :)


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