Association is very important to get qualified to go to Goloka and this is where it's a challenge. 
I go to a school where everyone ignores Krishna. There are many Abusive, Flirts, Dirt brained, Video Gaming, Body Builders to attract, and Atheist Intellectual Students. 
This is why many times I am pretty lonely at school. So What should I do in that case?
Also, many people make fun of me for talking about Krishna and "Religion" At School So I stopped talking about these kinds of stuff at school because no one is interested and people ignore me assuming I am mad.

I feel very sad out there, yet I spend 8 hours a day over there so it's very wretched. I don't even play video games, use abusive language, flirt or body build, and also not really talented in studies

However, I have many Great devotee friends who are not in this school, they are in a different corner of this planet so, interaction isn't that frequent through phone and whatsapp.

Therefore, I filed a Petition to Krishna, but have not yet received any response from Krishna, my best friend.


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    School is a good prototype for what you will face in life. Most of us are with karmis/ non devotees maximum time of the day. I agree association is important, ultimately your devotion is in your own hands. 

    Please visit the ISKOCN temple near your house. If possible, try and make friends with more devotees youth your age. Then you will look forward to weekends or your time with these friends. 

    Good you have stopped telling schoolmates about Krsna. You have to be calm inside with the strength of your devotion. As Tukaram prabhuji explained, people will turn to you when they want prayers for anything. 

    Otherwise be normal and participate in sports that interest you like any normal school kid. DO not let externals affect your sadhana. Keep chanting internally wherever you face any crisis. You will get the answer. 

    Take care. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krishna Mata Ji!
      That really helped; thank you!
      Ultimately, I need to protect myself from external (karmi) influence by regular chanting and remembrance of Krishna, right?
      Thank You!
      Hare Krishna!

  •  If they make fun of you for believing what you believe, then you don't want to be around those people anyway.

    Perhaps there is a school club that you can connect with that does an activity you are interested in which is not against your beliefs?  Perhaps you can meet kind friends that way?

  •  Hare Rama Hare krishna  

    If you have said that.. Lord Krishna is your best friend.. then there must be reason behind that..??

    Please try to understand the deeper meaning of your own words.. certainly you'll get the answer..

  • Is there a temple nearby?  School serves its purpose but you can get your association elsewhere.  If there is a temple, spend as much time there as your studies allow. If there is not a temple nearby, you can use the internet to gain some association.  Web only association is not ideal… but it is all I have where I live (I have not seen a devotee in person in 10 years).

    Depending on your career goal, school will be necessary.  Just as later, work will be necessary as long as you have bills to pay.  A devotional school or job would be nice, but they are few and far between.

    I found that singing bhajans made me feel better. Kind of like meditation, I would “sing” silently and enjoy the bhajans.  Work was not a bother because I was always hearing Nrsingadeva, Jiv Jago, Govinda Jai Jai etc…

    When I was in school I was also attending seminary (before my ISKCON days).  Everyone knew that I did not drink or smoke, and always read scriptures during my breaks. I never bothered them, they never bothered me.  I did have a few friends, but we never discussed religion. I knew they were simply not interested. When we went out on the weekends I was a “designated driver” long before that term became popular… I just did not drink or do drugs.

    I had work acquaintances, but never saw them outside of work. That never bothered me.  I was only working to get money. I had kids to raise, bills to pay, and their gurukula tuition. Money is what work was for. It served a purpose - it did not define who I was in any way.  I was in Texas so the only thing the guys were interested in talking about was "real men" stuff like football, hunting, and girls. We were friendly with each other but did not seek out any other association.  I certainly would not preach to them. 

    I did not look at it as preaching to the faithless, but I knew it would alienate them and cause issues.

    Oddly enough in both school and work people would come to me for advice and confide in me. They were not interested in religion, but could see that I was mature (mostly ha ha) and a dependable person.  Even without preaching we can be a good example, and people will take notice, and some benefit is there.

    • Yes, A Hare Krishna Temple is just 5 minutes behind my house.

      That's so surprising that you haven't met a Devotee for 10 years, Yet you are still a devotee! Such great Resilience and mercy of Krishna!
      Don't you miss the pastimes you had when you were there in person Association with the devotees?

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