peer pressure and karma

hare krishna !!!!!  since i have entered college now i mean (puc) i am absorbing drastic change in people..... they either think i am mad or they think i have been brain washed coz i keep chanting doing bhajan when ever i am free and use narayana literally everything when im happy,sad,surprised,angry....also when i was discussing with an atheist he asked me is the lord is the root cause of everything then why are bad things : a person is murdering isint it bad why is it happening is it the victims karma he should get murdered if yes will the murderer face his karma if he does face his karma why should he, he jut fulfilled the other guys karma ....i was speechless could you plz answer this ... also how to handle non devotees .... i have devotee friends who r nt that much into kc what to do plz help me ..... thanks in advance hari bol

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  • here is nice detailed explanation reg. karma point u have raised :

    also avoid talking to atheists ... i heard one story that one person was talking to atheist before he died, & next life he became a dog. but ofcourse you should be polite in behaviour.

    when u become strong in KC, then maybe u can convince others. right now better to focus on chanting & studies.

    sorry if i said anything inappropriate. haribol 

    Don’t ascribe to God’s will that which happens due to free will or evil
  • Hare Krsna
    "Peer pressure and karma."
    Well, peer pressure involves 'like karma' of two or more living entities.
    We must always remember that karma is individual.
    No one else is responsible for the happiness and distress of a person but his individual karma.
    As the proverb goes:
    As you sow so you reap.
  • When a bird is alive, it eats ants. When a bird is dead, ants eat the bird. So, time can turn at any time, don't devalue anyone in life. You may be powerful but time is more powerful than you. "One tree makes one thousand of match sticks, but one match stick can burn one thousand trees.

    Such is the beauty of Karma. We only see the present life. But God sees ur whole time period many lives not only ur alone all those who are interacting with you also. Today the person might look as stranger and unrelated and got murdered for no reason. But the thing is everything happens as per the law of karma.   Every action u do is recorded on the time line and creates an impression. Becoz when u do a action u are disturbing the nature and when the nature is disturbed it will rebound back in due course of time for sure. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Both the person who is involved in the crime the victim and the killer both had something to do with each other they are meeting now to fulfill the unfinished karma or start a new karma. We don't know.  Yes., certainly its the wrong choice of the killer he could opt to forgive the other also. But he chose to kill the other. Now in which phase the karma is we donno. Maybe Sanchita ,prarabdha or Kriyaman karma.

    Hare Krishna.

  • College is a ladder to better your future life in either jobs or sports or anything else becoz finally money is the key in life. What will you gain discussing with atheist or nondevotees?? Nothing but quarrel and you will end up being all alone. One definitely requires friends at some point and what is the need for showoff?? Practice kc within yourself. So just remain silent. No need to discuss. Live and let live. Enjoy life. Kc is a gradual process as said by sp. Sorry if i hurt you 

    • hare krishna prabhu ji!! i just have one doubt to ask people in vrindavan always tell radhe radhe for every thing .... r they doing show off??prabhu ji its ust and expression i feel like its sooo automated im nt able to stop it. also discussing wid atheists who know they too can become devotees if i put prolonged effect thats what i think . please forgive me if i have hurt you . i asked it like a student asking doubt too guru.... hari bol waiting for your reply .......forever your servant 

      • Vrindavan itself is a holy place and not an academic college so its natural ppl will chant holy names and its known world wide. Moreover if you are unable to answer questions then yours and krishnas value will go further down and atheist believe in nonexistence of god will be more stronger and only you will be responsible. If you really want to debate then first be perfect your self. Do complete homework. BEST IS TO REMAIN SILENT BECOZ THERE ARE SIMPLY TOO MANY QURSTIONS

        Anyway i dont think you will listen to me becoz this 20's age always makes a person think that whatever hes doing in only right

        • thanks for opening my eyes hai bol for ever your servant !!!........

  • E-Counselor

    Regarding whose karma and why karma phala for murderer, nicely explained by Yahsoda mataji. It was the karma of the victim that he got murdered. At the same time, it was the karma of the murderer to choose to commit murder. Our karma is intertwined with each others. Both will have to suffer the reaction of this act of murder. 

    Regarding why bad things happen if God exists. God exists, but so do human beings. God has given limited freedom to human beings to act as per their wish. If they utilise this limited freedom to do a negative act, God still sanctions because it is the wish of the jiva. We call the freedom limited because human beings can only act as per their wish, the fruits of that act or the result of that act is not in their hands. For example, studying for exams is my choice, my karma, but coming first in the exam is not in my hands. 

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


    YOu are facing what most of us have faced at your age. It is very normal and you will soon learn to cope. 

    My take on this is - See this is Kaliyuga. Most people in the world are not interested in devotion, or even finding out the purpose of life and will not listen if you want to talk about these things. Plus, at your age, it is natural that people want to enjoy and find their feet in the world. Talking about after death is not very appealing to them Therefore, the way to cope is - internalise your devotion. While there will be some external manifestations that cannot be avoided, to the extent possible, do not show your devotion to outsiders. 

    For example, wear water tilak instead of gopi chandan tilak. Regarding food, give some excuse - medical reasons why you cannot eat out or onion garlic. Being vegetarian is your choice. In India, nobody will question why you chose to be veg. Regarding movies, if you have stopped watching, simply say you dont have time, have to catch up with some studies or some such thing and dont go. If they look at girls or talk about girls, dont show interest. Best technique is to become a studious bookworm so people dont bother you so much.

    Regularly visit the local temple and associate with devotees there. No need to find association among friends, you will not get. 

    I would not say Krsna or Narayana to everything, good, bad or ugly. I would keep the expression to myself. But right from my school days, my friends have known about my devotion to Krsna (little bit) and they remain my friends only if they can accept that aspect of my life. I dont compromise on that. At the same time, I dont wear my devotion on my sleeve. 

    Take care,

    Do ask if you want to know anything further.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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