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my aunt is a great devotee of krishna she is always remembering lord and chanting his holy names she only eat prasadam from last 9 months she was suffering from brain tumor  7 days ago she was good but after that she again felt ill why lord krishna is cursing him so much can she will be okay or.......................................?

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  • HB, pamho,

             i would like to express feelings. dear prabhu we should not judge devotee and we are not the body. she is always OK only , problem is your very attached and i am sure if you are sincere krishna will prove you that he can take care of her better than any one. krishna loves unconditionally . in short you should take it as sign for preparing your self for practical application of spirituality. i wants to share my own exp. since year my father was admitted many times in hosp. he left on 19th nov. in ICU. earlier night i was reading SP book******* and krishna convinced me and gave strength enough that i was convinced that my father is not dead, i didn't cry (due to mercy only ) .

              when we love krishna there is no suffering and i want to make u sure whatever happens to her she the soul will be dancing (devotee nature is like that at end krishna devotee (even new* ) don't suffer at all) and as now u have put this in front of devotees krishna will show magic. SP said if not this life within 3 lifes  all iskcon devotees will go to golok. u just chant and request devotees to chant keep spl puja for her only*** spiritual benefit. keep offered tulsi near her , holy water , arrange spl bhoga to lord one thing u always remember WHEN we please Krishna then only we can be happy . U BE WELL WISHER FOR HER.

               I assure you that she definitely have higher destination , pls go near her and chant hare krishna *********** in her ears or prabhupada kirtana. DON'T WORRY krishna is seating near her in heart to make sure everything is fine. please please please believe me our krishna is not ordinary person he is bhagvan have faith. she will*** be happy always .i will pray for her more than best of my capacity. chant hare krishna

    • thanks for the guidance :) hare krishna


  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    It says that when Devotee surrenders to Krishna then He makes big karma very small. For example, we can cry because bee bite but the real Devotee will know that: "oh yes, it could be a snake, but by the mercy of Krishna it is only a bee".

    And we have also to know that Krishna is not fault to our bad karma. We lived billion lives and created unlimited karmic fruits. and to say that why i am not getting free from my karma for 9 months, 9 years, 9 life times ...little bit strange.
    Also Kunti Mata says that let difficulties come after another, because if the time they come i easily remember You Krishna.
    Your servant,
    • thanks for guiding me sister

  • thanks nagraaj prabhu
  • hare Krishna,

    may lord Krishna has mercy on her,

    may she get well soon. 

    I will pray for her well being.


    hare krishna..!

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