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Last year me and my family had a 2 days visit to Vrindavan Dham, we were not able to explore every thing.. but we had a parikrama of Goverdhan hill... we left our pet dog in pets hostel in noida for two days.. and we were in contact with the owner of the hostel and he was  sending my pet pics to us and his vedios too but after a lot of argument wtih him coz he was not willing to...previously he said he will regulary be sinding our pet vedios and pics to us but he was not.... i dont know what they did with my doggie.. he was not able to recognize us even, when we came back, his tale was not wagging...and he was tied very tight and was kept in a cage...they might have beaten him very badly.. he was in such a shock that after two days with us he came to normal...I am very much willing for vrindavan visit once again.. but cannot take  a risk of keeping my pet dog in hostel..I cannot trust any hostel now

If possible can i take my pet also in vrindavan?? is there any hotel or any dham where my pet can stay with us.. he can also do parikrama with us...just for one or two hours he can b left alone when we do temple visit....  or taking our pet with us is not a good idea ???? in vrindaban too there are lot of street dogs..... let my pet also get some mercy of lord krishna...

Can you please advise me... thanks...

Your Humble servant

Amit Mehra

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                • I didnt feel bad at all.. actually I was laughing when you wrote the cows didn't let you come near them =D LOL... Happened to me in the beginning too... I used to scratch her slowly despite her rejections... now a days the same cow comes towards me for more scratches... LOL... but it took around a year for that to happen...

                  Forget everything Prabhu... Just listen to Prabhupad's lectures... that will be better for now...

                  Take care...

  • Hare Krishna Amit Prabhu,

    ALl glories to Prabhupad & Lord Krishna

    I don't think anything wrong in taking pet dog....but it should support you while doing parikarma.

    Please find below inspiring biography of Shivanad Sen (Follower Of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) who would love every living with whole heartedly.

    Every year one month before chaturmasya (four month period of the rainy season) Shivananda Sena would lead a party of two hundred Devotees from Bengal to Jagannatha Puri to attend the annual Ratha-Yatra festival. He would pay for everyone's food, tolls, ferries, and lodging. He personally arranged for their comfort.
       Shivananda Sena showed Vaishnava compassion for all living entities, be they man or beast. When a stray dog joined the party Shivananda Sena fed the dog and even paid his boat fare. When the dog disappeared one day Shivananda sent 200 men to search for him. Upon arriving in Puri, they saw Lord Chaitanya throwing coconut pulp to the dog. The dog became purified of all material contamination by eating the Maha-Prasadam remnants of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Not seeing the dog the next day, Shivananda Sena understood that the dog had attained liberation by the mercy of Lord Chaitanya.

    NOw I thing you are good enough to take pet dog with you happily to Vrindavan.


    Your Servant,


  • Thanks for the reply mata ji...

    but now I don't think it will be good... rather it might become hindrance in a path of devotion of other devotees.. and that I cannot afford at any cost .     :(

    • Prabhu... :-)

      Just my 2 cents... If your pet listens to you well and doesn't meddle with other passersby, I think you should take your pet too for parikrama...  It will also probably get some merit :)))

      If I had an obedient pet cow/calf, I'd happily tie a rope around its neck and roam in vrindavan with it here and there.......hahhaa!!!!! Sadly... I dont have a pet... and that's okay :))

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Very sorry to hear about the plight of your dog. 

    I dont know any shastric reference to say yes or no - I am simply thinking you can take your dog to Vrindavan and also to parikrama, why not? We all know the dog is also jivatma - so why deny the soul the sukriti of dham yatra, when you are willing to take full responsibilty of cleanliness and other things of the area.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • I agree with you Radha Rasamayi if the defenseless as a child dog is at all times kept with his safe owner at all times and not to be out of his/her sight...just as one would take proper care and provide for safe supervision of a child.

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