Padmavati Mataji - Left This World

Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

On September this year - 2013, our care taking Mother Padmavati Mataji left this world. 

She was so attentive to each of IDT members. She used to send birthday greetings and welcome each newly joined Devotee. 

What to speak of her preachings??? 

She posted so many discussions, pages, blogs and made You on Tube videos for the sake of pleasing Krishna by giving knowledge to us.

After receiving a sad news I requested for her auto biography and some of her photos but got any reply.

If some one of You knew her and her life please share about that!

We would be very grateful!


(1) He who brought the treasure of divine love and who was filled with compassion and mercy—where has such a personality as Srinivasa Acarya gone?

(2) Where are my Svarupa Damodara and Rupa Gosvami? Where is Sanatana? Where is Raghunatha dasa, the savior of the fallen?

(3) Where are my Raghunatha Bhatta and Gopala Bhatta, and where is Krishnadasa Kaviraja? Where did Lord Gauranga, the great dancer, suddenly go?

(4) I will smash my head against the rock and enter into the fire. Where will I find Lord Gauranga, the reservoir of all wonderful qualities?

(5) Being unable to obtain the association of Lord Gauranga accompanied by all of these devotees in whose association He performed His pastimes, Narottama dasa simply weeps.
Your servant, bhaktin maral

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  • Volunteer

    Haribol! She was so nice! I always read her profile whenever I needed a little inspiration or help in kc, her daily routine was awe inspiring. I was always fond of her :'( She was kind to every1 i suppose, she shared kc stuffs with all on idt. She would personally shower her blessings on all. I feel so bad, we lost such a wonderful devotee! I humbly pray for her n hope that she will always remain by guiding light and hope she keeps showering her mercy on us the way she used to when she was physically present. Glories to our wonderful mother <3

  • Hare krishna!!!Its really shocking to hear that........Padmavati mataji welcomed me when i joined IDT......May Krishna take her back to him and allow her to take part in his lila...................

  • Hare Krsna

    Really Shocked..She is such a nice devotee and every time when i online in ITD she send me a very nice message which help me to reduce this material bondage of life.

    May god give peace for her soul.

    Radhe Radhee

  • deeply sadden..

    may krishna engage her in his service.

    mataji posts on chanting(http://www.iskcondesiretree.net/group/krishnaconsciousness/forum/to...) is helping me lot to create interest in Holy name.No words to express my gratitude..


    • JAI JAGANNATH.....She is such a friendly and kind devotee....Definitely Krishna will keep her close to her...

  • Hare Krishna,

    All Glories to Padmavati Mataji.. May Krishna take her to Goloka Vrindavana and make her a part of His eternal Pastimes..

  • hare krishna its a very shocking news padmavati mataji welcomed me and gave blessings when i joined idt. All glories to her she is a great soul may Lord Krishna be with her always .

  • Jai Padmavati mataji..

    Oh NitaiSachisuta please take care

  • Hare Krishna


    She welcomed me when i joined IDT...... she is really very nice to everyone and give valuable information to all


    • Hare Krishna 

      Really shocked. She welcomed me when I joined Desire Tree. She used to send messages. Really sad. 

      Hare Krishna.

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