In his recent trip to Japan, our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, presented a copy of Shrimad Bhagvad Gita to the Emperor of Japan.

He said, "Today I went to the Maharaja of Japan, I have given one copy of Gita to him," he said, adding,"Because I don't think that I have anything more to give and the world also does not have anything more to get than this.". The remark triggered another round of applause from the assembled gathering.

He said, "For gifting I brought a Gita. I do not know what will happen in India after this. There may be a TV debate on this. Our secular friends will create 'toofan' (storm) that what does Modi think of himself ? He has taken a Gita with him that means he has made this one also communal. I don't know why, but people create controversies even with such trivial things nowadays, but I have my own commitment and my own conviction is that if I meet some great person of the world, I will give it (Gita) and that is why I brought it,"

Our Prime Minister is indeed different. Would a 'secular' Nehru or his Congress successors have gifted a copy of Bhagvad Gita ? Our Prime Minister is not just a political lion but also a spiritual lion. 


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  • Hey Prabhuji! We all are friends! : ) We all commit blunders at some point of time. Even I have done same in the past. Basically, we devotees are very forgiving my nature so we don't have a fault finding attitude. I have a positive view towards you  : ) 

    You of course, have commented a lot in this discussion : ) Perhaps, you have violated a ceasefire agreement ; )

    But please make it a point to comment in the IDT forum as you are a good contributor. We appreciate your discussions.


  • Chirag Prabhuji,

    Thank you very much for giving a very long reply : ) Please take it easy : ) 

    Neither you nor I am a Mayavadi. We are staunch Vaishnavas.

    I am not forcing you to accept the philosophy of Mayavad. Am I ? Even I believe in a personal God. Let us not divert from the main topic of this discussion. It looks very odd.  

    I am a disciple of HDH Radhanath Swami Maharaj. He always talks of Bhakti. He rarely enters into sectarian fights. Hence, I would not like to get aggressive about Mayavadis. I just know that I would not follow these people's philosophy but I won't go to bang their heads to change their viewpoint. If some Mayavadi changes his view point seeing my life, it's well and good but I would not try to aggressively impose my viewpoint upon him. 


  • Chirag Prabhuji, I did not say that Modi presented a Gita 'written' by Vivekanand. I just guessed that he must have presented a Gita published by Ramakrishna Mission as he is an admirer of Vivekanand and his philosophy. 

    Further, the Gita showed in the link directed by you is just representative and not the actual one gifted by Modi. 

    Modi is a staunch RSS man and people inclined to Mayawadi philosophy like Golwalkar have strongly influenced Modi's psyche. Even Vivekanand's figure has played a role in shaping the RSS's philosophy to some extent.  

    Let us not be fundamentalist like Sunni and Shia Muslims. This is the time for all the followers of Vedic culture to unite. Infighting will only weaken the fabric of Vedic culture. Just pick up any 'Journey home' copy of HDH Radhanath Swami Maharaj, you will find photos of Mayavadis along with Maharaj. Maharaj does not have a 'kattar' or fundamentalist view. Let us be all inclusive in our thoughts.

    Lord Dattatreya (an incarnation of Krishna) picked up good qualities from each and everyone even a sinful woman like a prostitute! Like Lord Dattatreya, we should be broad minded.


  • Yes, he is also a cow protector. Those who want to read about his cow protection activities, can read the below link :

  • Volunteer

    interesting which Geeta he gave?

    Bhagavad Gita with Srila Prabhupada's purports?

    • Mataji, our Prime Minister is a Mayavadi : ) He is attracted towards Mayavadis like Swami Vivekanand. Hence, it is more likely that he must have presented a Bhagvad Gita commented by some Mayavadi (perhaps a Ramakrishna Mission publication) 

      Anyway, we should not become unhappy as a Mayavadi is better than a so called 'secular' person who believes in keeping State and religion seperate.

      Mr. Narendra Modi has also met HDH Radhanath Swami Maharaj. He is a well-wisher of ISKCON movement. 


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