opposition by parents

Hare Krishna to all devotees


Please tell me how to convince your parents when they are not absolute resisting to your bhakti but they comment regularly.

I did:-

giving parshadm to them

had their meeting with senior devotees of ISKCON

Prayer to Supreme lord Krishna!!


Having food in lunch time spl without onion

To convince them the importance of Tilak(s)

To convince them that everything must be offered to Krishna 1st!!

To reply when they dont want to agree.

As Prabhupada Maharaj ji told these obstacles are the mercy of Krishna and will be our asset in future

also we have the example of Prahlad Maharaj ji

Also it is said that we should be stick to our discipline but not rude to our parents!!

Also it is said by Krishna that we are indebted to our parents for the lifetime and we couldn't pay that debt by doing any service.

Also we want to progress on this path.


Your Insignificant!!

Sandeep Kakkar

Hare Krishna!!

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  • Hare krishna.i too love krishna .but having a joint family and my childerns taste can't quit onion and garlic.one day krishna will give his mercy.i prepare separate food for krishna.one day krisna will definetly bestow his mercy so that I always eat the food offered to him.o I suggest you to be patient.right things will hapen at right time
    • Hare Krishna mata ji

      you are just consoling urselgf by saying that one day ll come...

      if u dnt endeaver then that one day ll nt come...

      as i still remember when i start doing fight at home for getting nt onion food then my exams were near by i didnt  wait for getting over my exams...

      i used to atke simple chapaties only with butter and curd after offering it to lord.

      today i have prob just to get luch smtimes without onion...

      this is upon u that whether u r determined?

      all the devotees i meet and met they strictly said say no to onion...

      as after eating onion our all the vibrations get disturbed which we get after doing chanting..

      so u have to fight fromm today...

      then one day ll cm when u ll say that today m fully KC.

      mata ji if i wrote anything harsh or wrong then m sorry!!

      bt this is the fact as spl in punjabi families wht is the environment....u know very well..

      Hare Krishna!!

      ur servant 

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna,

    Parents will keep opposing whatever you do, but you continue to practice.. Even Prahlad Maharaj, Raghunath Dasa Goswami faced opposition. You are following the parampara. Haribol.

    • hare krishna,

      Thank u p ji...

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Sandeep Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Indeed in this You are not alone. Many of us are passing through this obstacle or passed already. For You as in male body it might far more difficult because Your mom cooks for You not You Yourself. But i have Devotee Mataji friends who do not eat non offered food but cook separate food and offer that to Krishna. 

    There is one Prabhu in our work place. His parents are also non Devotees and they cook food with onion. So he goes to Govindas or take Prasadam from the Bhaktivedanta Hospital canteen. 

    In this way struggles. But i know some Prabhus who learned to cook and they cook for Krishna themselves. So i think You have to choose from these opportunities and eat only Prasadam.  Because food which we eat strongly affects our consciousness. 

    And Krishna says that food which is not offered to Him is nothing but a sin so why to consume a sin?

    We are tired of it!

    Even though Prahlada Maharaja had many difficulties he did not leave his service to Lord. That was the example. He was polite with his father but never told to him lie accepting him as god but preached the truth with great respect. Truth that he should worship Krishna that he was materialistic demon...


    Please, if they do not want to put Tilak then let it be so. But You Yourself put that. And even do not force them to not  eat onion You just cook Yourself for Krishna. But be polite with them. And seeing Your good - selfless qualities they will start to listen to You. They will be attracted to Your Devotee qualities. 

    Your servant, 

    • Hare Krishna mata ji


      mata ji if i prepare for myself then also She get angry by saying when u go to Audits outside then how ll u manage?...then everyone starre at me as if i am their enemy.

      as far as non offered food is conserned then i take lunch many times...breakfast and Dinner are offered and parshadm only.

      and i never say them to hav Tilaka....but they objects for myself.Say:-

      "if any guest come then what will he think"

      I used to remain always calm but smtimes when i they try to prove themselves right but nt able to substantiate by any means then they get irritated and disturb my vibrations also.

      mata ji i know that this is nt an easy path.so just required your best wishes ....ur blessings.

      ur servant

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