hare krsna evry1............


i hav a frnd bt c lives lyk a boy...evn c wears clothes lyk a guy.........nd hav her mind set lyk a guy....cs 19 years old...nd c wanna get her sex changed soon.........wel all dis is a vy new thing 4 me...i dnt hav any idea bwt it.........

so i reguest u ppl 2 plz post ur comments on it....

is it ethical?

c shud go 4 it orels live lyk wht c is throughout her life...

ur servant




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  • most of things r already planned almost allllllllllllllll

    we only change little here and there for that again we have to face reaction in future lifes

    i owuld suggest tell her become K.C. rest all we should not be not concern.

    tips: tell her why to become boy and waste time useless, krishna is best of boys (rear cowboy & hero ...) and will accept her and then eternal happiness u tell her attributes and sweet nature of krishna. (this is advertising so please other mothers don't think in that way, i know still u'll not listen to me now)

    tell her lord shiva becomes women to dance with krishna why we should get allured by stupid stinky dirty males of this society.

    anyway u be happy bcoz once u connected her to krishna & many devotees have prayed for her she is already in process don't worry.


  • bt c has sm problems nd cs nt atall ready 2 listen 2 me.evn c gt permission 4m her mother 2 get operated.nd c nvr evn acts lyk a girl................her
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      then let she does that! It is her free will. 

      But if she does not listen to You, please just give sometimes some Prasadam to her.

      Or engage her with some devotional service like picking up flowers for Your Laddu Gopal etc...and she will earn sukriti for being able to hear the transcendental knowledge from You or from other Devotees.

      Otherwise only demons and great sinners can not hear this knowledge.

      Your servant,  


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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    19 years old?!

    i think there is no much worry because such like operation costs too much. And in India what kind of a parent will let a child do so???

    And she is still a student and does not earn, suppose.


    In the reality women show such like qualities when they do not have protection from childhood. It might be that father or uncle or elder brothers are not acting as a real man and giving protection to a child, sister.

    As an answer girl has to protect herself. Then she can not cultivate her own nature as a girl but cultivates nature of a protector - man.

    In this way it is very important for fathers especially become real gentlemen in the family.

    But when in the family girl is nicely protected then her mind will be peaceful with no fear and naturally acts as lady.


    Here what can we do? i think one of the best ways is to show by our own example. When we ourselves act by our own nature, in our case dear Dixa, as ladies : being like shy, wearing suitable clothes, tone of speech...and show that by acting in this way we are happy then other girls also will copy us.


    then slowly slowly we can tell her that she can change her body into a man's by performing bhakti. To explain the science of reincarnation. As we know only pious souls get human especially man's body.

    In this way by serving to Krishna she can achieve her goal in her next life.

    All glories to Guru and Gouranga! 

    Your servant, 

  • Hare krsna Dixa:)

    we all are females in soul..And the only man(Adipurush) is Govind ..Even those who have body of male are actually females in soul.. Why is she taking so much pain to get her body changed..She can serve well even in the present form.. Make her attracted towards krsna..and encourage her in evry sense..Ashwani prabhuji has given you the practical way of influencing her.. Visit ISKCON with her..Krsna will surely help her :)And if you don't mind then msg me the root cause of her desire to change..Then only we can change her paradigm..:)

    Your servant


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    Hare Krsna Diksha ji
    Humble obeisances
    Anything that is against nature is sinful and hence sex change , since it is against nature is sinful. C has gotten a body of a woman so c must live in that body and accept that c is not that body, c is soul.Even if c gets a change , why is c doing that, to enjoy or to serve Krsna?Why is c not happy in the body she has ? C must understand that this body is given due to her past Karmic reactions and any attempt to do anything against nature will be sinful. If c gets a boy's body artificially, lust will still be there cuz lust is in the subtle body not the gross one. So c must understnd this fact, else c is unnecessarily creating Karma for herself. Please make her understnd dis fact.
    Plz forgive if i offended in any way
    Hare Krsna
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