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    I am very interested in this project. At present I am running  a health shop in London, so I am aware of nutrition and healthy food. I am coming from Gujerati back ground and I prepare prasadam for my deities Shree Radha Gopinath. I always had this desire to open resturants like Govindas and giving out prasadam to the public and make them vaishnavs.

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      Great, yes it will be a wonderful service and fun to open many Govinda style food services in UK and in Europe. Yes health food and nutrition are amazingly important and your experience purchasing and selling these products will be very very very helpful. I think we may have met few years back, do you run you health food shop in Streatham in London? I was living in London running organic juice bars and also livinf in streatham at the time? Lets arrange to have a chat on the phone or skype, please email me at: or with your contact telephone number. Yours Ivor

  • Many devotees need a good living after they leave the temple, what better Sattvic business than running there own Govindas and fully supported by ISKCON for the design and operations and admin, if anyone like this idea please email me. or add to this discussion. ISKCON knows that they should of had this service available to devotees 25 years ago BUT its not to late....Lets DO it !

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      I have frnds who are married or getting married soon and they plan to go into such kind of business. I will ask them to contact u ..

      your servant

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    humble obeisances

    we can do it if temple authorities permit us and we can open it in areas away from the present Govindas cuz if we do it in the same area, it will cause lose to them.. I say this becuz some friends of mine had asked the in charge of one of the temples and he said we have to do it only with temple permission and should do it in a way that it does not harm present Govindas' interests in any way.


    • yes of course we can open Govindas but not in the same area as a existing Govindas. What a wonderful Sattvic business ! Do you want to help with this project, what are your skills? 

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