Onion and Garlic

Hare Krishna!

Dear Vaishnavas,

When foods are served in relative's homes and restaurants (off course non-vaishnava),they often mix onion and garlic in Veg menus,due to there ignorance.And,when we are traveling, we have to eat in restaurants.We have no  other option.

Please tell me what's the rule of prayaschitta(penance) for this offence, due to Shrila Prabhupada and other Vaishnava acharayas.

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  • My in laws cook onion and garlic and in the same utensils krishna prasad is cooked by me , what should be done, is it ok to cook in the same utensils ? 

    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna mataji,


      Ideally no. Food shpould be prepared in utensils which have not been used to make non veg or onion garlic. If you are not able to do this, then atleast offer the food that you prepare and then only have. 


      Your servant,

      Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krsna

    I am staying in a company mess where veg and non-veg food is prepare and their is no other way that i have to take my meal with non-veg people, but all of above i am strong to take the food with krsna mercy with that people, and now a day their is no non-veg people in mess and i have to take veg food some month's with garlic and onion, but now i am staying single in that mess so i am now taking food without onion and garlic, but all of this i am fear when some more people coming in that mess and same process of veg and non-veg is prepare in this mess, so is any solution to stick with that veg meal without garlic and onion..

  • Hare Krishna,

    When we become strict like this in Krishna conscious with not eating onion garlic and all, we become little isolated.. Like in a college or office when everyone around are karmis and u r the only Krishna conscious person who is following so many rules like no drinking tea and coffee, while others sit together gossip and drink tea.. you feel kind of isolated... while those karmis seem to be so ambitious, perform well in their studies or projects inspite of not following any rules, flirt with girls and become famous... Looking at all this we get inferiority complex, though we know all the philosophy.. i dont know how to tackle this problem...

    your servant

    • Volunteer

      solution is to replace that association into Devotees'.

      It is true it is difficult to be with people with different goals in life. So we have to desire and pray to Krishna to put us in right environment. 

      In whatever state of consciousness our mind is similar conscious people will surround us.

      So when we change our consciousness and please Krishna by prayers He will change it.

      Your servant,  

      • Thank you very much Prabhujis and Matajis for your extreeme kindness.

        Exactly it is very hard to avoid onion and garlic. Only Krishna and Vaisnavas can help us in this regard. 

        • Volunteer

          my humble obeisances Utsav Prabhuji,

          that is true, especially when we do not cook ourselves so it become difficult for Prabhujis.

          Where only non Devotee mothers cook for them.

          But i know one Prabhuji whose mother is not a Devotee. But he preached to her so nicely and was so nice with her that she now cooks separate food for Krishna and he offers that to Krishna and honors himself. He can not cook because he has to work and no time. So his mother cooks for him separately. 

          So if You can somehow make Your mother so kind then You won't have any problems with onion and garlic.

          It is easy to avoid them when we have knowledge of their destructive nature.

          Especially garlic is so bad that eating that our consciousness becomes thick material. We will think that we are this body.

          It says that food which was kept along with onion should be avoided so what to speak of onion itself? So we have to gain knowledge and act properly, haven't we?!

          Your servant,  

  • However be aware sambar may contain onion and palak generally contains garlic.
    Best thing is to request the person taking order or serving you to serve foods without onion and garlic only....
    As I am in corporate sector, so I have to go for team lunches and dinners and I have accepted the path of requesting the server only to serve or prepare the food(if its a la carte) without onion and garlic.
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