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In Mahabharata, We know that Arjuna and his soldiers conquered the Kimpurusha Varsa but we know from Bhagavatam that in Kimpurusha Varsa, there is no change of Yuga, people enjoy all heavenly things and no disease, old age and have 5000 years of life span ..etc etc .. and we don't familiar with this things in earth with any tribute of human beings. But in Mahabharata, after crossing Himalaya , Arjuna entered in Kimpurusha Varsa .. In our present geological knowledge , it seems that , it was Tibet where Arjuna entered .. but in Tibet, there is no such things which are stated in Bhagavatam .. then what is conclusion ???????????????????????

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                        I want entire world map during Mahabharat period

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    • Hare Krishna I have gone through the link you have posted prabujis please clarify me about one thing prabujis is jambudvipa called the planet Earth we live prabujis then bharatha varsha is India and other 8 varshas are other continents. What I read is other 8 varshas are heavenly varshas and bharatha varsha is karma bhumi. Kaliyuga is there in bharatha varsha not in other varshas then according to what you have posted prabujis can I assume that other varshas like europe, Tibet, nepal, etc are heavenly varshas not affected by kaliyuga but bharatha varsha is only affected by kaliyuga please clarify prabujis?
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