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my fiance and i are struggling to refrain from sex life while in vrindavan, we have not had sex but it is quite a challenge.. i dont see us having sex in the dham, but we have fooled around and i need to know if that is an offense and if so how to go about seeking radhas forgiveness for the offense.. i know what ive done is against our principles but please dont judge, me and my fiance are really struggling with sex desire and we really are trying which is more than some people our age can claim

so i guess my question is is it an offence to "fool around" (forgive my broad statement but im sure you guys dont want the details) with your FIANCE in the holy dham? and id so how to seek radharanis forgiveness?

please give legitimate response and do not criticize, thank you


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You are repenting for fooling around, that is a good sign.  Vrindavan belongs to Srimati Vrinda Devi and you should first seek her mercy for doing so.  Both of you may please stand in front of her and apologize sincerely for your act in her abode.  Circumambulate 3 times with Yani Kanicha Papani .... mantra recited 3 times.  She is very merciful and will definitely forgive you and also ask Srimati Radharani to forgive you.  Avoid indulging in this aparadha once again.  Seek Vaishnava blessings by sponsoring for prasadam in your local ISKCON temple.

better to stay in the Holy Dham not more than 3 days. Or else we commit such like offenses and the result will be very very very painful. 

Better not to stay there more than 3 days. 

And we should visit such like places along with sincere Devotees and fully engage ourselves with Hari Kirtanam. No prajalpa, no newspaper no FREE TIME. It is the safest way of visiting Dham.

Your servant, 

Very well said mataji...

Jai ho!!! Nice to see You back after a long time KA Prabhuji!


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