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✔️ Features of the app:

★ Completely FREE!
★ App contains multiple features, it's like one app containing multiple number of apps
★ Authentic and genuine KC content

6 Sections of the app

1️⃣ ISKCON Prayers and Songs:

★ It includes almost all the ISKCON's daily Prayers, Aaratis and many songs

★ Prayers, Aaratis and Songs can also be played as audio

★ Beautiful and soothing Audios

2️⃣ Audio Books:

★ Krishna conscious Audio Book with background playback feature!

★ Neatly organized!

3️⃣ Vaishnva Sampradayas:

★ Contains biographies of all Vaishnava Acharyas (Gurus)

★ All Sampradayas are included: Gaudiya (ISKCON), Madhva, Sri, Kumar, Rudra, Varakari & Ramananda

★ Vedanta Philosophy of each Sampradaya (incl. it's branches)

★ Sampradaya details.

★ Acharyas list in ascending order

★ Long or short biography, if you don't want to read, you you can also listen using the speaker button

★ There's much more. Just roam into the App!

4️⃣ Nitai Gauranga Blog:

★ English and Hindi insightful, genuine and authentic articles

★ Flowchart of All the Vedic texts

★ Philosophical, Astronomical, Devotional etc.

★ Search any posts with search feature

5️⃣ Devotee Manuals and Ebooks:

★ Bhagavad-Gita incl. notes, Science of Self Realization, Vedic Science, Spiritual Scientist Megazine, Holy Dham, Home Deity Worship

★ Contains almost everything for every new as well as experienced Sadhaka

6️⃣ Flowchart of the Vedic scriptures:

★ A genuine and proper flowchart of the Vedic texts!

▶️ Misc Features:

★ Beautiful Material UI
★ Easy to use
★ Fast loading
★ Easy navigation links
★ Battery Friendly

▶️ Easy to Share with friends.

Hare Krishna ❤️

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The audio content listed in this App is also hosted in public domain. We do not upload any audio to other websites or modify content in any way.

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