Not regular in bhakti....

Hare Krishna to all devotees.

Prabhujis and matajis i am doing bhakti since 2.5yrs.By the grace of prabhupad and Krishna i could do daily 16 rounds, mangal aarti,daily reading minimum 15minuts to 1;30 hrs.

Issue is this that i was ill for last some days. And become irregular in bhakti.. specially chanting.

Now i am quite fit. But cannt wake up early due to cold weather. And feeling something is gone from my heart.. Means not feeling good without proper bhakti schedule. Before this i was completing my japa before 8 am then i do  aarti.

But now i wake up after 7 .Due to this i cannot complete my japa. Because I am working also.

So please inpire me to do bhakti.I want to krishna  bhakti always. Plz help me.

Your servant


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  • Volunteer

    Watch Subhag Swami Maharaj. He answers your question.

  • Jai Radhe Vandana Mataji


    May Radharani shower her causeless mercy on you.

    Whatever you were doing are called Vaidhi Bhakti (Regulative Devotional Service). Although its important , however what is more important is Prema Bhakti or Raga Bhakti (Loving Devotional Service) in which all things of devotional service you did is necessary but more important is remembering Radhe Krishna with love all the time and not forgetting them even for a moment. In that even if you miss arati, chanting , reading scriptures for some days its okay, cause you are always engrossed in remembering Radhe Krishna in whatever you are doing.

    Hope my reply finds you in best of your health

    Your servant Satyananda Das.

  • Hari bol...!!!!!
    Bahakt humari ssari itchawo ko pura krane wale hote hai... I realize it..
    Amazzing!! after putting question just because of u devotees of krishan and prabhupad....Krishna started to wake up me.

    its surprising i woke up at right 4.00am without alarm. and some devotees called up me also to wake up me...Dandvat prnam to all devottes, your servant

    thank u alll. u r reallly merciful..

    Hari bol.. dandvat pranam.
    Keep bless always

  • Hare Krsna
    What you are going through is feeling separation from devotional service. It is a good sign for when we chant we are in the association of Krsna the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
  • association of vaishnavas is essential.

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