Not Feel like Doing Sadhna any more?

Hare Krsna...

I intellectually know that I should perform my prescribed duties... and I am even following them to some extent...but my enthusiasm is going down day by day...I know i am going into wrong direction..but I cant able to control it....

I am thankful to Krsna for giving me full support at every step of my life..i have everything..good wife..all scriptures...BG Lectures...Most prominent thing is TIME.. But Still what to do I am not feeling to stick to the process... I am drowning into HELL(wasting time) ..Can somebody HELP ME in saving myself..

Yours Servant,

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  • Pr ji ... I was also experiencing this ...
    These are my suggestions, it may not be perfect so pls forgive me

    It may help to take some time sit alone and deeply introspect and maybe write down - what I want from my life, what thoughts are stopping me from doing my duties, clarity.. clarity is strength... am I just trying to be 'normal' and fit into society
    ?? how can I make bhakti more interesting and enjoyable, am I sharing bhakti with others ... because if we don't share it our own enthusiasm tends to go down ...

    Please participate in temple programs, kirtan, and visiting holy places like Vrindavan..

    Now we have Hare Krishna TV also, and other TV channels too show good stuff sometimes...

    Hope these help
    Haribol ..........

    AGTSP.Jai Guru Dev

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama Rama Hare Hare
    • Hare Krsna Prabhu,

      Whatever you said is hundred percent right I also agreed you...but my situation is I don't have any vaisnava temple near me or any devotee association with whom I can share my heart....  I never have any physical association with devotee's since 2 years that why I am just missing the physical association of the devotees ... I tried to contact them but they must be so busy that they are not picking my call.... really I am tired of this world .. there is no joy here anymore... 

      • Prabu,

        The importance of sadhu sanga cannot be stressed. Actually, Srila Prabhupada requested all the devotees to do only two things: chant and engage in sadhu sanga. Meeting with other devotees will help us more easily stay on the right path.

        Different sangas around the world have phone or video calls related to Krishna Consciousness. I would reach out to the sanga closest to you and request that you join any digital program. If you have time, I request that you spend more time on these forums, reading posts from more advanced devotees and listening to lectures on Youtube.

        Your servant,

        Kelsey mataji

      • Pr you must come to iskcondesiretree chatroom, introduce yourself and tell your situation ... there are other devotees who don't have physical association ... they take online association, make friends and talk ... and there are other platforms here where people can watch videos together and chit chat ... 

        also pls try playing kirtan in your own room and dancing ... who can stop you ...!

        • as it is far, pls try to visit temple once in a month or 2 months and Holy Dham also (atleast once or twice a year ? .... hari hari gouranga jay jay ....

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