I personally dont eat non veg , maybe had in early childhood days but now strict no .............. but my wife does and I am unable to convince her to leave it ..... though at times I take her to KFC and buy her chicken though it is against my will .... but she likes it ..... so shall I hurt her by strictly stopping non veg consumption or if not stop than is it justified ...............

Please express views so that I can influence her to get on my side for this non veg topic on her own will  ........


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    Just as when the child asks for a ice cream and has fever, as a responsible parent we refuse to fulfill its desire. In the same way we can not fulfill the desires of our wife or other family members. It is not only sinful for her, but you will also have equal share in it. Then best option is to make her get convinced how eating non veg is not only sinful but also unhealthy.


    Human body is not meant to consume non veg. The intestine of human is about 6 meters and it takes a long time to get the food that we eat out of our body. Also, the average body temp of human and the acidity of the digestive juices is not enough for digesting the meat. Hence, before it is rejected form the body, the meat starts to decay inside our body itself. This causes too many complications in latter stages. The intestine of a tiger is much much smaller than that of humans. their average body temp and the acidity digestive juices are considerably high. The meat they eat will be digested very soon and thrown out of their body also very fast.


    Explain her what happens after we die if we eat non veg to her nicely. She is your life partner and it is your duty to teach her the right knowledge. Never order her but try to convince her as a friend.


    Feed her as much maha prasadam as possible from ISKCON temple nearby. This will definitely have effect.


    Hare krishna.

  • Hare Krishna ,


    Please tell her to stop , Read Bhagvatam , It is told clearly that we should not kill Living beings , Infact Plants / Vegetable which has life also we eat only after offering to Lord , In fact if we eat Meat then we are sure to go to Hell . ''

    If you had Non Veg earlier then by Nirajala Ekadashi you can clear you old sins but further stop completely .


    Hare Krishna

  • Show her your kindness , and love by taking her to a Chicken Ranch and Slaughter House and let her see for herself what horrible suffering the chickens go through . If we do not know , then it is innocent -ignorance , but if we see and know , then it is Auto-Amnesia to eat meat . This is " Tough - Love " , but it is your duty as husband to make her understand , and give her a chance . Also , you should not buy or pay for chicken for her . You will then be implicated in the Ugra-Karma . Nor is it your duty , to do so . Rather it is your duty Not to buy it for her . She will most probably want to give it up herself after seeing the blood and the horror . This therapy may sound harsh to you , but believe me ,...the Karmic reaction of having to be born as a chicken ,and then killed ,and eaten as a chicken -for Every time she ( and You ) buys and eats chicken -is far ,far , more severe and harsh !
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