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    Even thief was told to go to Krishna to steal His ornaments.

    So it is ok.

    But please tell him to be modest at the Temple. First, nicely chant, behave, attend several Bhagavatam classes, eat Prasadam, do sevas....

    :))) in this way he will become a Devotee.

    But please do not show him this discussion.

    Your servant,  

  • O best among the Bhäratas, four kinds of pious men begin to render devotional service unto Me—the distressed, the desirer of wealth, the inquisitive, and he who is searching for knowledge of the Absolute. [BG 7.16] 

    So in the begining purpose will be material for almost everyone, but as the personal goes deeper in bhakti, his outer layer of material motive gets dissolved with intense devotion toward lord. So if your above mentioned friends continue devotional service then slowly & gradually their material motive may get dissolved.

    Even if person does little bhakti then that bhakti gets accumulated in his Spiritual Account, So you can try your best to bring your friends and then slowly & gradually guide them & dovetail their interior motives in krishna's service.

    Hope this help you,

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    After reading your question, I went through your profile trying to find out which temple is located near you. You have such an active marriage beureo that even non devotee girls want to register for marriage whereas in most temples, even devotee girls are not finding matches. Wow!!!

    To answer your question, yes by all means do call them to the temple and make them register for possible alliances. Different people start coming to the temple for different reasons. As long as they get purified and start their sadhana earnestly, its ok. Just tell them one thing, whatever they say about themselves and their lifestyle, they have to be honest. They cannot pretend to chant if they are actually not chanting. Tell them it may be that they can fool everyone in the temple, but the one person they cannot fool is the paramatma who is situated in everyone's heart and who is aware of every thought and desire. Tell them when they come to the temple and lie, God is not pleased with them and will not give them good husbands.

    On the flip side, the good husbands they will find will make them do devotion only after marriage na. If anyone is asking from you about those friends, you dont lie on their behalf. You simply say she is new - you ask her what her sadhana level is, or let some senior mataji visit her house to determine.

    This is my opinion.


    Your servant,



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