Hare Krishna All,




     I am taking only prasadam from last few years avoinding all food stuff that cant be offered.

At office I became like funny object for people to laugh. At my work place there will at least

one party where they get some food which I cant have.As I dont participate with them they

get annoyed with me. Colleagues try to arrange something which I can eat but say it is very

difficult for them. They ask me various questions and after getting answer from me they make

fun of me at my back. I am very depressed and feel hurted and thinking of becoming normal vegetarian

who can have onion,garlic,tea, coffee etc. Even I myself not convinced fully that tea and coffee can

change your consiousness. I practised it but now I feel I had enough of it. I am open to suggestions,

need some guidance from senior devotees.


Your servant


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  • Krishna arrange a lot of entrance exam to be a resident of Golokvrindaban. so dont get panic. dont loose your consceousness. be strong. chant HARE KRISHNA. And always pray to him that he supports you at any situation. and you will find- your frnds also got changed. bcoz every thing is under his supervision, that may be good or bad.
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    Onion and Garlic make your mouth smell; Meat, Fish, Eggs are what cruel fools eat because they have an animalistic nature; Coffee and Tea are nothing but addictions, and Mushrooms are fungi. I mean, I honestly don't see a good enough reason to even consider switching my lifestyle to something as disgusting as that (no offense).  

    Ignore them ...  as a devotee you shouldn't be affected by whatever people think. It's hard to do (I myself am always the first to think that people are always talking about me), but you'll realize that their opinion isn't really worthwhile. Besides, you shouldn't change yourself for the sake of others. If they make fun of you, it's okay. Laugh it off. Just don't stoop down to their levels and make fun of them ... I mean you're smart enough to choose KC and vegetarianism over that animal lifestyle. So let them live their animal life, and you live your devotee lifestyle. The temptation to go back may be strong, but remember Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda and Lord Narasimhadev and have faith in them. They won't let you "cross over" :)

    Gaura Prema Anande.. Haribol

    All Glories to Lord NarasimhaDev!

    Please forgive me if I was a bit harsh. I just don't want you to to go back to eating onion/garlic/tea/coffee/etc.


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    this life will last maybe few more years - 30-40 but by living according to Krishna's instructions we want to take care of eternity. 

    We cannot get both things at a time. 40 nice years or eternity?

    Your servant, 



  • every day u give krishna prashad to ur collegue u will see effects of it.
    • Hare Krishna...Pranam....Of course working in a non devotional environment is very challenging..... I am working as a teacher in a private Chinese school.....so, my colls they eat almost everthing.....but, like what Rameshvar Prabhu said, dont give them the chance to get food for you...because no matter how much you explain, they will get the wrong food for you and your explanation sometimes gives no result and may result in misunderstandings...so, you prepare your bhoga, offer it to Krishna and give to them the Prasadam...PRASADAM REALLY WORKS....

      Talking abput tea or coffee, devotees are not supposed to take anything that is intoxicating....tea and coffee are both highly caffeinated as we all are aware.....so, they should be avoided...whether they change your consciousness or not, maybe it is too soon for you to judge....Srila Prabhupad said this very strictly...do you think Srila Prabhupad would have said something that brings you totally no effects? no. He never...

      Don't worry too much about your colls...they are just your working mates...dont treat them badly though, but you have to put your feet down to ground and say your stand firmly....If they notice that you are very firm and steady, they will slowly get the idea and will not make fun of you....our aim is to please Krishna not anybody else....

      Hope this helps a bit......All the very best to you


  • Hare Krsna Aakash Prabhu,

    As i am also working in a office where only me as a vegetarian and other are totally non vegetarian, but all of above they are our colleagues, As they know that i am vegetarian, so when ever they play a party or some other program's they invite me and i get vegetarian food to eat from them but i always remember to before eat that food i will first serve to my lord than than i will eat them, As i know this is incorrect but in kalyug its very difficult to maintain that things, as you have to go to other place and office and have to meet and eat with your seniors and other colleague, but all of this if u r fully engaged in Krsna Conscious this will not disrupt your consciousness and lord always helpful to mercy to you..

    As i have also to live in a mess where Veg and Non veg is serve to the staff, and with lord mercy i eat veg food with that staff's and pray the lord to, as i know all things comes from lord and destroy in lord, so as our human body main motivate to serve lord, so if we are in the way of that path always lord makes u a mercy.

    As their is nothing which is not known by god, they were known all things, so our main motive not to go to the eaten pattern but the way we have engage in the service of god through chanting, fasting, and serve our all karma to lord..

    Just one thing remember always but u will be do, do your karma and than surrender that karma to lord...

    Your servant,

    Radhe Radhe

    • Hare Krsna


      Prabhu as stated in Shirmad-Bhägavatam (1.5.17) affirms this:

      tyaktvä sva-dharmaà caraëämbujaà harer
      bhajann apakvo ’tha patet tato yadi

      yatra kva väbhadram abhüd amuñya kià
      ko värtha äpto ’bhajatäà sva-dharmataù

      “If someone takes to Krsna consciousness, even though he may not follow
      the prescribed duties in the sästras or execute the devotional service properly,
      and even though he may fall down from the standard, there is no loss or evil
      for him. But if he carries out all the injunctions for purification in the sästras,
      what does it avail him if he is not Krsna conscious"

      Your Servant

      Hari HARI

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