Kindly furnish the insights of srila prabhupada  being  not so supportive of  allowing his disciple in over exercising . This question is asked in the light of current  trend of or flood of so called health fitness centers operating across  metro cities . Are these gyms good for health ? i am sure Srila prabhupada might have given some valuable instructions and guidance disallowing his disciples in indulging in such meaningless  expedition  .

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  • Yoga asanas, pranayamas, are based on scriptures consider to be helpful in spiritual progress.

    Whats the need of any other gyms ? 

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  • Hare Krishna

    Eat sadvik food covering all nutritions , vitamin, minerals (not up to throat :-)), minimum fat intake , eat almonds,anjeer,kismis daily ,  Chant regularly ,read spiritual books,  anulom vilom and kapalbhati Pranayam /light full  body stretching exercise/walking/swimming  will do and is recommended to maintain good health which directly effects our consciousness  . No need of gym for body building. It makes people more body conscious.

    Eating more and more then spending time on gym for weight reduction is for those who can't balance sadvik life.

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