The rarest love of Golok, which was never given to anyone even upon asking for multiple lives, was distributed freely to the most fallen by Nitai, even without asking for it. This love of Golok was unattainable for even the most exalted personalities of this universe before the advent of Nitai. All logic failed during the deliverance pastimes of Nitai. Be it the children, or be it the ruffians, or be it anyone, all got love at the hands of Nitai. Nobody was left out. There was no discrimination. The nectar of immortality which emerged from Samudra Manthan was only given to the Devas and not the Asuras by the Mohini incarnation, but the nectar of pure love which emerged from the streams of Nitai’s tears was sprinkled on one and all without any discrimination. When the Supreme God of Mercy (Nitai) distributed the highest love in the creation, then great personalities like Brahma and Shiva stood in the same line in which even the lowest of mankind were present.

dīna hīna patita pāmara nāhi bāche
brahmār durlabha prema sabākāre jāce

“Lord Nitai freely offered this exalted prema, which is difficult for Lord Brahma to attain, even to the fallen and wretched souls who did not desire it.”

There may or may not be equality in the eyes of the law of this mundane plane, but there is unquestionable equality in the wet eyes of Nitai. What to speak of rivers and lakes, even the greatest oceans may dry up one day, but the compassion filled eyes of Nitai won’t dry up ever as His love for the fallen souls is going to last forever. Krishna shot arrows from His Saranga bow and killed millions of offenders mercilessly. However, Nitai also shot arrows, not from His bow, but from His brow, and filled millions of such offenders with Krishna-prem simply by glancing.

ār nāiko kalir bhoy
ācaṇḍāle den nāma nitāi doyāmoy

“There is no more fear of the age of Kali. The most merciful Lord Nitai gives the Holy Name and Krishna-prem to even the candalas.”

This Kali Yug is truly blessed by the advent of such an exalted personality like Nitai. Now I realize why it is mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwatam (11.5.36) that enlightened persons will worship the upcoming Kali Yug. True. True. It is true. This Kali Yug has surely become an object of worship because for the first time the greatest offenders are not punished mercilessly but rewarded with the highest prize of Prem by the inconceivable mercy of the Supreme Personality of Unconditional Compassion (Nitai). And this Kali Yug will continue to be worshipped by the enlightened persons till the time Nitai’s mercy via His name will spread all across the globe and enlighten even the most degraded and deluded souls.

Worthless disciple of Shrila Nitaipreshthji,
Nitaimani das

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Jai Shrila Prabhupad


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