Krishna is the supreme enjoyer, Rasaraj vigraha, and thus His pastimes are tinged with the features of His "sweetness," where He relishes all of His majestic opulences and qualities as Shri Bhagavan. Each pastime of Shri Krishnachandra is imbued with this central focus of His all-attractiveness. Even the mercy (Kripa) aspect is concealed behind this sweetness. Therefore His pastimes are called the Madhurya pastimes. The aspects of Krishna's relishing propensity (supreme enjoyer) and the sweetness of His all-attractiveness (Krishna means all-attractive) are predominant over the mercy. Krishna is Lila Puroshottam, thus His absorption in His internal pastimes is more intense than His pastimes of delivering the fallen souls. These pastimes are a great source of transcendental pleasure for the pure devotees, but for the diseased sufferer of material contamination, they do not provide the strongest treatment. The aspect of delivering fallen souls is often overlooked because of the absorption in pastimes. Even while dancing on the hoods of Kaliya, we can see that Krishna's incentive is not only the purification of Kaliya, but He is simultaneously also exhibiting His own playful pastimes by dancing, etc.

In His form as Gauranga Mahaprabhu, His pastimes are situated in Audarya, which circulates on the feature of magnanimity. Audarya means distribution. Madhurya is based solely on relishing and Audarya is relishing and distributing. In this way, Gauranga is more liberal in distributing mercy to the fallen, forsaken souls. However, even in Krishna's Audarya swarupa as Gauranga Mahaprabhu, the Lord has many moods which He must relish in confidence. 
The nature of these transcendental moods are so confidential and elevated that they cannot be exhibited or relished even before most of His own intimate associates. Although the Lord has externally accepted the form of a devotee, within He is still the supreme enjoyer and is engaged in relishing His various moods.

All of Gauranga's pastimes have a hidden reason behind them which are for the sake of relishing these moods. The deliverance of the fallen souls is only a secondary cause of His appearance- there is another superior reason which is the root of all His activities. For example, the Lord's acceptance of sannyasa was certainly for the deliverance of bewildered Kaliyuga jivas, but there was a deeper cause. Gauranga had to fulfill the internal cause of His advent (antaranga prayojan) of relishing Radha's madanakhya mahabhava. This mood would not be relished to the fullest extent if Mahaprabhu remained at Navadvipa as a dutiful householder. This is why during the final years of His worldly manifest pastimes, He remained locked up in His room in Gambira relishing the mood of separation from Himself (Krishna) felt by Radharani. Mahaprabhu did not engage in any preaching during this period, in fact He would barely appear even before the devotees who were suffering intolerable pain in His absence. Krishnadas Kaviraj explains in the beginning chapters of Chaitanya Charitamrta while describing the mystery of Gauranga Mahaprabhu, that the deliverance of the fallen souls and distributing Harinam is only an external reason of Gauranga's appearance, but not the core essence of His advent.

So we can see from both Gaur and Krishna's pastimes that the uplifting of fallen souls is not always the primary focus, the Lord must also relish His other moods. However, this is why Nitai has come solely for us! He has given up even His own enjoyment desire as the Supreme Personality of Godhead and is engaged only and only for the one goal and incentive of taking every single soul back to Godhead. Abhimaan shunya means that Nitai has given up everything solely for us...even His own suddha ahankar, which induces to relish as the supreme enjoyer. Nitai is advocating only for our enjoyment, so that we may come back to our original state of eternal blissfulness. His greatest enjoyment is to see us attain perfection. This is why we will notice that

every single pastime of Nitai is intertwined with this feature of somehow giving mercy to the souls of this world. Gauranga wants to relish other pastimes, but Nitai's only pleasure and ananda is in picking up the rejected souls and taking them to Gaur Krishna. This is why Gaur engaged in His scholarly pastimes for 19 years before inaugurating the sankirtan movement, but Nitai began spreading Gaur Krishna consciousness from the very beginning of His appearance in Ekachakra.
Even though Nitai is also relishing the confidential mood of His own madhurya swarupa Ananga Manjari, He nevertheless does not give up His mammoth task of running behind the bewildered Kalihata jivas even for a single moment. The driving force behind Nitai's appearance is the excruciating pain He feels seeing the pain of the downtrodden jivas. Indeed, He is the one beseeches Gaur in Goloka to appear in Kaliyuga with a medicine for the deliverance of the fallen souls.

aye bhratar nrinam kali kalushinam kinnu bhavita
tatha prayascittam racaya yad anayasata ime
vrajanti tvam ittham saha bhagavata mantrayati yo
bhaje nityananda bhajana taru kandam niravadhi

He is not distracted from His goal of delivering the fallen souls even for a fraction of a second. The only cause of Nitai's advent is to pick up all the fallen souls one by one and take them back to Godhead.

Kaliyuga kalushita jiva bichaare 
gina gina tera tera saba taare

So why should we not wholeheartedly surrender and serve the Lord who has come solely for us, to save us?

Nitaisevak kripa abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

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Jai Shrila Prabhupad

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