“Srila Prabhupāda said persons who give themselves to others are called magnanimous.”

-Prabhupada Lilamrita, Vol 4, Chapter 33

This is the true description of a person who is filled with the quality of being magnanimous. If we consider this definition carefully, then who is undeniably the most magnanimous personality in the whole creation?  How can there ever be any doubt or dilemma regarding this when there is only one person standing in the competition in the first place! 

 The one Whose magnanimity is above and beyond all other forms of comparison, whose level of magnanimity surpasses even the definition of magnanimity itself!

The one who not only fully gives Himself, but personally goes door to door to sell Himself to every soul… holding onto their feet.

Apanare bikaay bolo Nityananda Raya!

Who else could it be apart from Doyal Nitai- the one who is actually eager to fully give Himself away to even those who do not understand the value of this charity!

jare dekhe tare kahe dante trina dhori
amare kiniya laha bhaja gaurahari

Whomever He meets, catching a straw between His teeth, He begs, “O Brothers! Please do the bhajana of Sri Gaurahari and purchase Me, purchase Me, purchase Me.”

Oh what can be said, His name itself means "take Me as yours!" Ni- take me, Tai- as yours! Even though we are protesting to accept Him as ours, by hook or crook, He is still making us accept that He is ours by making us say that when we hear or utter His name. And because we have said "Nitai," even without really knowing what we have said, Nitai assumes that we have accepted Him as ours and comes running immediately to give Himself away at our disposal.

Imagine, the first thing we become acquainted with when we come in contact to a person is their name, and the very first thing Nitai is saying to us via His name is, "Oh jiva, take me take me, I am all yours!" Even before anything else can be said or done or understood, Nitai has already given Himself away!

Moreover His act is selfless; He does not even ask for anything for Himself. He is selling Himself simply for our own deliverance and for the worship of His beloved Master. Krishna sells Himself to those who have surrendered to Him fully and know no one else apart from Him.

tomara hridoye sada govinda-visram
govinda kohena—mora vaishnava paran

Nitai sells Himself to those who do not even know Him! And then He gives them the highest treasure of pure love of Godhead.

Krishna stays far away from those who are engaged in sense gratification and proclaims to never be attained by them.

jihvara lalase ith uth dhaaye 
sisnodhara parayana krishna nahi pay

However, Nitai goes crazily running after even the lowly dogeaters, and vows to never leave them. Achandaale den nam Nitai doyamoy! Even while giving the Nam, He is giving Himself only because Nitai is the personified form of all mantras as declared by Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya, sarva mantra swarupascha. Hence, we see another way that Nitai is distributing Himself to the vast masses of souls in Kaliyuga- it is in His form as Nam Prabhu as well. Nam is Nitai, and Nitai is the one distributing Nam to one and all! If we accept Nam, then also we are accepting Nitai only! So either way Nitai has ensured that He is giving Himself away to us. Have you ever seen a Lord this desperate to give oneself away? Krishna makes His devotees go through so many tests and snatches everything away from them in order to check to see whether they are really qualified to receive Bhakti, because He knows that if once someone becomes His pure devotee...He will have to become sold out to that person, and Krishna being the unconquerable, uses many tactics to see whether the recipient of such a mercy is truly qualified. Krishna is the greatest trickster, He does not give in so easily. Even while appearing to give a boon to His pure devotees, we can see that He first mentions about brahma sayujya mukti and siddhis without even hinting about devotional service. This is His trick to

see whether devotee is truly qualified to get Bhakti and therefore attain Him. Even Gauranga tested Sridhar Kolavecha during the Mahaprakash lila to see what he will ask for. So there are so many conditions to attaining Gaur Krishna as ours, but Nitai has given Himself away even before we have made the resolve that we want Him!

Nitai's mercy is unsurpassable in this whole existence. Only Nitai’s devotees can compete with Nitai’s level of magnanimity, because they are also distributing Nitai everywhere.
Actually in this case if we analyze the definition of magnanimous carefully, as laid out by Srila Prabhupada, we can see that it is ONLY NITAI who is truly MAGNANIMOUS, because it is only Nitai who fulfills this condition of giving Himself away.

There is no Lord as magnanimous as Nitai, and there are no devotees like Nitaibhakts who give that most merciful Thakur Nitai to one and all so easily.

Doyal Nitai! Doyal Nitai!
Nitaisevika dasi

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Jai Shrila Prabhupad

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