• Who dosn't like & need the creatuer Comforts? & the Diatis most of all, for thay have the ExLarg houshold of physical bodys to feed shelter & teach?
    Good question but regardless of the controversy over sincerity or purity or intensities. A Grehastah totally has a place in all aspects of devotional activates from my prospective. I.e. Driving hard twords on's aims, with perpetually growing intensities is not absolutely-nessacary to accomplish Spiritual addvancment in Seld & or Gid realization. It is the quicker way but now the only way to develop a loving relationship with Krishnam.100% the pallitability & grace of one's devotional services is relient more on one's personal & reciprocal service relationship with Krishna. & Co. Than emotional or physical Ferver I would think.? Both seem fine to me!
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