• • If you want to attain Krsna’s Prem then don’t think that I have chanted 16 rounds and it’s done. GKG
  • • Chanting hare krsna is not the solution, attentive chanting is the solution. GKG
    • g prabhu g......
      earlier i used to do many rounds.....
      but i felt that in my domestic and professional it became a routine task to do chant without emotions and devotions....
      then i stopped chanting..and started to sing bhajan with my family in our routine task.
      this gave me more satisfection and devotion.
      if krshna desires i will start chanting with full devotion.
      hare krishna
    • To the proportion we realize that this material world is dangerous and a miserable place and I mist have Krsna's shelter now, I cannot wait, to that extent sound vibration of Krsna will awaken realization, detachment and Bhakti.
      Krsna has chosen by His sweet will to give more purification to sight, words and service to His devotees than anywhere else in the whole creation.
  • • The fight with maya is just because with don’t chant our rounds properly, we don’t study books and we don’t have the mood to serve. The mood to serve is developed by chanting and reading. There is no other magic. GKG
    • To the degree we don’t want to hear and chant to that degree we NEED them desperately.
  • • When we chant hare krsna mantra we should chant with some love and with some feeling and with the desire to please Krsna. Not that I have a quota to perform, so I will run through my 16 rounds. This is like a formality or a ritual. (Freedom by surrender). GKG
  • Real Independence is to declare our dependence on Krsna.
  • Every decision must be made in harmony with what is actually the purpose of life.
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