• Krsna Consciousness is not achieved but awarded.
    • i fully agree with this prabhu g...
      until and unless krsna wants... v can't achived highest place
  • You are where your mind is.
    • YOUR ARE AGAIN RIGHT OVER HERE I COMPLETELY AGREE TO THIS.....Spiritual advancement without mind control is simply an illusion.
      • Mind is ones biggest enemy when uncontrolled, but majority people put full faith on their enemy.
  • Mercy means "to get what we do not deserve".
    • really thought provoking statement specially in present age
  • Determination means to serve Krsna in spite of bodily inconveniences.RNS
  • Humility means that one should not be anxious to have the satisfaction of being honored by others. RNS
    • Volunteer
      Humility means to be free from the anxiety to be glorified by others. - Srila prabhupad
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