• whch s material happiness rite kisoredas ji


    • True. But how do we stop this kind of attraction coz manier times we (as layman) feel that what ever gives pleasure is designed and packed by God and whatever gives you pleasure is God's prasad to us.

      I also know that there is something known as real pleasure which will be in the unalloyed devotion to krsna

      I am illetrate do clear my doubts.....i am also attracted towards grahastha aashram framed by God....does it mean being saint or practicing celibacy is the only way to reach GOD. Rather inspite of being in my karma (i.e being in grihastha aashram) i can still be devotee of Krsna
  • • Sometimes devotees say, “I have been chanting mahamantra. I have been a devotee but I am not getting the bliss I should be getting!” that’s not due to the shortcoming in the process. If you are not getting the bliss it is probably because you are not taking the medicine properly. (Nectar of Instructions text 17). GKG
  • Real knowledge is not theoretical.
  • The best service which we can perform is chanting the holy names of Lord...... GKG
  • • The holy name is capable of giving you unlimited happiness. The holy name will ultimately enable you to become victorious of the cycle of birth and death. The holy name alone is capable of removing the influence of lust, anger, greed, envy etc.
  • • If you do your rounds uninterruptedly, if you do your rounds nicely you will find the strength to control the mind and senses will come from that chanting.
  • We are not here for happy material life; we are here for selfless service and shelter.
  • Devotee is satisfied in all the conditions not because of the material wealth, but because of their faith in chanting process. The chanting process and process of devotional service is real medium for satisfaction.
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